Krosmaster: Arena Miniatures Game Online Going 3D, Getting Mobile App

Krosmaster: Arena Miniatures Game Online Going 3D, Getting Mobile App

The tabletop minis game is a spinoff of French MMOs Dofus and Wakfu.

Krosmaster: Arena is expanding the web version of its miniatures game, announcing that what was previously not much more than a tutorial in how to play the more advanced, customizable tabletop game will now be a full 3D experience spanning both a browser and mobile game. Details at this point are sketchy, but Ankama is promising a better user experience with updated interface. The new game, created in Unity, will be playable both on the computer and on mobile using the same account and playing the same games. You could, for example, start a battle on the tablet and move to your computer later. Existing users will be able to carry all of their current figurines forward, though they will have to wait for the release of the 3D game before they will have access to planned season two figures.

Miniatures game Krosmaster: Arena released to critical acclaim and commercial success in 2013, drawing in players with its easy to learn card-based tactics. It was initially funded through Kickstarter, with a followup season two expansion successfully funding last December. The new digital game is being called a "distinct online game, who[sic] will stand on its own, and add to the Krosmoz universe as a whole." The new version was announced via a newspost.

Those interested can see more information about the game - and try the existing browser game - at the Krosmaster website.


While I really like Ankama games, and I was a huge fan of Dofus, Flyn and the Wakfu anime series, Krosmaster isn't that great.

The game is really unbalanced. A handful of the characters far outclass the rest. Having a Nox or the Tormentators on your team allows you win 9/10 games sheerly because they can be nigh unkillable. Maybe they'll fix the balance issues in the 3D version, maybe they won't. All I know is that my experience with Krosmaster is really bad.

Their other games are great though. Dofus is a nice MMO with a lot of work put into the art of the game. Seriously, the level design in the game is great. The combat system is really nice too, being turn based with teams of up to 8 players. The company even listens to feedback on the forums too. A lot of changes have been made to the game due to suggestions on the English forums, even moreso on the french forums (french company), I've even had one or two of my suggestions go through in the game.

Their games are really worth trying out at least.


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