H.R. Giger, Creator of Alien's Iconic Monster, Has Died

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H.R. Giger, Creator of Alien's Iconic Monster, Has Died


Famed artist reportedly died from complications following a serious fall

Multiple news outlets (at the time of this writing, primarily in Switzerland) are reporting that famous Swiss artist H.R. Giger has passed away in hospital following a serious fall. He was 74.

A prolific painter, sculptor and set-designer whose surrealistic "biomechanical" style was said to be inspired by his experiences with a night-terrors sleep disorder; Giger gained international fame (and an Academy Award) for his design work on Ridley Scott's original Alien, most famously his conception of main "Xenomorph" creature that would become one of the most iconic (and most imitated) monsters in cinema history.

The early paintings that put Giger on Hollywood's radar appeared in his Necronomicon art books and in Omni Magazine. His first major motion-picture work would have been in Alejandro Jodorowsky's version of Dune, but the project never came to fruition. After the success of Alien, his work was featured in many films of varying notoriety from the erotic horror/scifi hit Species to the low-budget Troma comedy Killer Condom to the Japanese manga-adaptation Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis. He also designed several popular lines of musical instruments and a franchise of "Giger Bars" in Switzerland.

Born in 1940, Hans Rudolf Giger was the son of a chemist who initially discouraged his interest in the arts. He studied Architecture and industrial design at Zurich's School of Applied Arts in the 1960s before setting out to establish himself as a painter. He is survived by his wife, Carmen Maria Scheifele Giger, who is also the director of the H.R. Giger Museum in Gruyeres.

Sources: The Local, Swiss Info


This has totally blown me a way. Sad news, tragic news.

I remember writing my Fine Arts thesis on Giger and his effects on mainstream horror aesthetics.

Gonna miss that dude.

Met him twice (oh joy of friends of friends knowing people...). He was a really nice guy, his Art was great, and in certain fields of Art he laid the foundation.

I'm gonna miss him.

Aaw man, this is not good news.

RIP dude. You'll be missed.

RIP, you crazy dick-drawing legend :(

Quite possibly one of the most influential contemporary artists, one that most of us in the gaming/nerd culture would definitely recognize... RIP sir, the only regret I have was never having met you.

well, there goes one of the most iconic and influential artists of the 20th century. There's nothing quite like his bizarre, twisted style.

Goodbye Giger, your work that helped create the Biomechanical artfrom will be your legacy.


Your creations touch millions and have haunted their nightmares for decades.

Oh man, I looked at some this guy's stuff not the other week, on a whim.

Nobody made peen and vagina depictions so damn terrifying.


I loved his design work. Jim Sterling, though, is probably going to be more crushed than the rest of us combined.


Goodbye you magnificent, penis drawing bastard. The world of sci-fi will mourn you for years to come.


All these artists are dying off, who will fill their shows I wonder.


I passed my art exam with a fusion of H.R. Giger and Mickey Mouse... He was definitely an inspiration.

His "bio-mechanical" influence on video games is unmistakable as well.

I never really looked at his art (I should fix this) but the dude was a major influence on nerdism in general, sucks that he had to go by falling.

I can remember first seeing some of his artwork in Heavy Metal magazine, just before the Alien movie hit the ground running. Amazing, insane, erotic, psychotic, disturbing, creepy, brilliant artwork.

My world has fallen around me D:

Alien is my favourite film franchise and the reason I started Tyranids in 3rd edition 40K.

today/yesterday is/was a sad day.

Well today just got shit :(
I wish I could have met him, he sounded like a marvelous guy. I love his work, particularly his early ink prints from the '60s, they are so gorgeously creepy.

A really sad day.

I passed my art exam with a fusion of H.R. Giger and Mickey Mouse... He was definitely an inspiration.

His "bio-mechanical" influence on video games is unmistakable as well.

That reminds me, I remember seeing a art piece for my school's GCSEs that was a Giger inspired piece that depicted a tyranid gant curled up done with coal.

Met him twice (oh joy of friends of friends knowing people...). He was a really nice guy, his Art was great, and in certain fields of Art he laid the foundation.

I'm gonna miss him.

You lucky bugger, that's dang cool :P

OT: This is of course a massive shame, although I feel bad considering me and my girlfriend didn't realise that he was still alive :(

I've always loved Gigers work, even as a child; my mother has a load of Escher and Giger pieces around the house, which I really enjoyed, waaaay before I understood the significance of either, though Giger always intrigued me more. Not only is the content supurb, he combines classical pencil art with surrealism in a way that gains the best of both worlds, with none of the insane extreme preteniousness of surrealism.

My favourite piece, although I can't remember the name, nor can I find a picture was one with a deformed man on the right sitting on a sofa, while on the other side, a female/alien hybrid thing was traversing a floor made of babies.

RIP Tiger, you gave me some of the most gloriously disturbing imagery that I've ever seen and fired my imagination with it

Well that's just depressing.

And not in the really neat disturbing, fantastic, fascinating way like his artwork. Just the normal kind of sad.

Since I first discovered his original, uncensored, non-movie artwork, I've absolutely adored it.

RIP in peace.

It is only fitting that Giger's coffin be engraved with images of his infamous bio mechanical genital monsters.

His vision will never be replaced- I was saddened by this news today. Alien was brilliant, and consolidated a look that has influenced horror and sci-fi ever since, and was largely his doing.

RIP Giger.

RIP Giger. I will have a drink in the Giger Bar to celebrate one of greatest and original artist ever. Especially creating the scariest alien ever also.

Rest is Peace good man, your nightmares will outlive us all.

Well, that ruined my day. ;___;

RIP, Giger. Dark Seed was cool, thanks to you.

A great modern artist has been lost. Alien may have never been as terrifying if it wasn't for Giger's creature design. His artistic vision was a blend of nightmares, sexuality, and organic technology that both frightened and intrigued us.

RIP, H.R. Giger. You will be missed.

I want to make a joke about his work being quite "penisy", but this news just saddens me. RIP.

You gave more to the world than it could ever give to you. You will be missed.

One of the most scariest, interesting artist I have ever experienced. I will miss you very much.


A fall? :( Ow. That's unfortunate.

Well, he will be remembered for times to come. At least there's that.

:/ I wonder if Bob or Jim will do a special episode on him.

This doesn't seem right. Surely his death must have involved some unearthly monstrosity dragging him into unspeakable parallel dimensions...?

Rest in Peace, Mr. Giger; your creations live on in imagination.

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