SUPERHOT FPS Makes Slomo Cool Again

SUPERHOT FPS Makes Slomo Cool Again

In the upcoming indie shooter, time only moves when you do.

It was bound to happen. After The Matrix, slow motion shootouts were everywhere. Sure, it was cool when Max Payne did it, but after that, it became just one more mechanic to list on the back of the box. Leave it to some indie devs to totally turn that around. SUPERHOT aims to make slow-motion shoot outs play more like ballistic Chess games.

The hook with SUPERHOT is that time only moves when you do. That means it's more about planning than reflexes. It's all about walking through the field of bullets and taking aim. Just like the shootouts in The Matrix, there's no reloading, just grab a gun from a fallen enemy and shoot on. Toss in a sword that cuts through bullets, and you have the action movie/cyborg ninja simulator we've all be waiting for.

SUPERHOT started out as a prototype in the 7DFPS game jam, which you can check out here. It gained enough popularity that the team is turning it into a full game. In fact, it already pass through Steam Greenlight on its first weekend.

If it tickles your fancy, you can support SUPERHOT on Kickstarter, where they seem to have already raised a sizable chunk of their $100k goal on the first day. Expect it to hit Steam around June 2015 for $15.

Source: SUPERHOT Kickstarter


At last, the top-notch gun kata simulator that the people have been crying out for. Now I can be just like John Preston![1] :D

[1] ...In my mind! :D

I see they still like to endlessly repeat that awful "" sound clip.

As cool and unique as the original "game" was, that voice annoyed the hell out of me.

At last, the top-notch gun kata simulator that the people have been crying out for. Now I can be just like John Preston!

The game really needs a replay mode where you can see the fight at normal speed

That looks super hot. I look forward to seeing the final product.

I remember playing the 'demo' back when it was first released - it was a lot of fun, but pretty easy once you get used to the mechanics. Not sure how a full game would work.

I tried a demo of this game a while ago, it was really damn cool. Hope their Kickstarter goes well.

At last, the top-notch gun kata simulator that the people have been crying out for. Now I can be just like John Preston![1] :D

Thank you for this- very first thing I thought of when I saw the demo clip.

[1] ...In my mind! :D

I like the concept of Receiver much more. That one didn't go anywhere after the first proof of concept 'game' unfortunately.

Just played the demo. Great concept, kinda hope jumping will serve more of a purpose in the final release.

Reminds me of the bullet time mode added in SMOD for Half Life 2. There Freeman moved inhumanly fast while in bullet time, allowing him to dodge bullets or launch out of water, Free Willy style.

Unrelated English question: If movie and game titles should be italicized, what should mod titles be?

At least it finally got a Kickstarter.

I played the demo after Nerd Cubed did his video on it all that time ago and it was great fun. I just assumed it died in production.

Hopefully the final game will be as awesome as the demo was.

Oh man, I remember watching Markiplier playing this, this trailer kicks my expectations up ten notches. Can't decide if I love or hate that "SUPER HOT" voice.

awwwww yiss, this looks nice. Love the Kraftwerk feel of those red dummies.

About italics: norms vary, but one usage is to put all titles italicized, whether they're the titles of games, movies, mods or fanfiction.


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