Flappy Bird To Return In August With Multiplayer

Flappy Bird To Return In August With Multiplayer

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen says the game is coming back in August, and this time players won't have to flap alone.

I played Flappy Bird for about 30 seconds before deciding it was idiotic and deleting it, so it goes without saying that I cannot begin to grasp the game's runaway popularity. I was equally confused by Dong Nguyen's decision to pull it from the App Store, giving up as much as $50,000 a day in revenues, although I certainly don't hold it against him.

But now it seems that the game is gearing up for a return. "Flappy Bird's Dong Nguyen: Flappy Bird is coming back," Kelly Evans of CNBC tweeted earlier today. "Multiplayer. August." CNBC Senior Talent Producer Donna Burton added in a separate tweet that the new game will be "less addictive," although she didn't get into how it will manage that particular trick.

It's not an entirely surprising development but less addictive or not, will Flappy Bird have the same impact a second time around? I have a feeling that its moment has passed, and that even with the addition of multiplayer (which I don't think many players were clamoring for in the first place), the re-release will be greeted with idle curiosity and little else.

Source: Twitter (Kelly Evans)


Money pile must be running dry, but no, I don't think it will be anywhere near as popular.

Holy fuck balls of fire! The phoenix has risen from the ashes for the mindless sheep to be exploited once more! Im buggering off away on my imaginary sailing holiday to forget about all this...and when i say imaginary, i mean ether...and when i say sailing, i mean overdose.

Eh ok.

I have desalinated on Flappy Bird over time. It's a dumb "I'm waiting 5 minutes for the bus and I'm bored as fuck" game, and the dude doesn't seem to be strictly in it for the money. Its existence doesn't effect me at all, anyways.

How popular can a rip off of the flash game helicopter with graphics ripped from mario be?

Honestly once this comes back and people re-jump on it until it is dead i think we have about a month before it is run into the ground again and everyone forgets about it and this worthless, advert ridden shite descends into the bargain bin shovel-ware app-store diarrhea deluge from whence it came. These kinds of games were only popular because of screaming idiots like PewDePie. They are like a bad, unfunny meme people keep posting everywhere until eventually even the most ADD riddled 13 year old doesn't think it is funny anymore.
"This game is so rage lol. I'm adicted"

The army of clones, and the army of people with poor English trying to contract people to make clones, was beyond pathetic. You saw the ugly money bum-rush of people who can barely code their name into flash excreting their flappy fecal matter Sometimes literally onto the world. It made me ashamed of what that section of the games industry had become. I think that army of clones was one of the final nails in the coffin of mobile gaming as a legitimate platform of merit.

I think this sums up the current state of mobile gaming as an 'art form';


But wasn't there a story about how this dude abandoned this game due to Copyright issues/harassment not 3 months or so back? I guess he resolved that crisis in time to milk the cow some more.

OT: What could multiplayer bring to this game?

Multiplayer Flappy Bird already exists though. http://flapmmo.com/ Who'd pay for it when a free version already exists?

Also, I think the Flappy Bird craze has died off now so Mr Nguyen will just have to be happy with his hundreds of thousands of dollars.


"This game is so rage lol. I'm adicted"

no. just no. this brings out nightmares. This game is a RAGE GAME

Call me paranoid but I'm wondering if this is absolute news yet. Not that CNBC is a small or necessarily untrustworthy organisation, but it is just two tweets with no official word from the creator going by what's cited in the article.



"This game is so rage lol. I'm adicted"

no. just no. this brings out nightmares. This game is a RAGE GAME

I was actually thinking of the exact same thing when i posted that, our minds are one. But this is an example of what gets popular on mobile platforms since many gamers and creatives abandoned the platform all together.

Hell even Vlambeer isn't making games for mobile anymore. They are making games for everything Except touch/ tablet. They have a traditional portable release (Vita) a home console release (PS3) and the game is available on all three major operating systems (OS X, Windows, Linux).


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