Verizon XLTE Service Brings Improved Speed, Bandwidth to 44 States

Verizon XLTE Service Brings Improved Speed, Bandwidth to 44 States

Verizon XLTE 310x

AWS spectrum bought in 2012 is finally being put to work.

Verizon has flipped the switch on its new XLTE service today, and existing LTE customers don't need to pay an extra dime to use it.

The XLTE service is the end result of Verizon's 2012 purchase of AWS spectrum. The upgrade promises better download speeds, as well as vastly improved bandwidth -- up to double in some markets. This means your down- and up-link speeds won't get slammed next time you're on the train platform, or hanging out in Downtown X.

In order to use the XLTE service, you do need to be in one of these markets at the moment (there's a lot, and more are coming). You also need to be using a newer AWS-friendly, LTE-capable device. Thankfully all the favorites -- iPhone 5s/5c, Galaxy S4/S5, HTC One M8 -- are covered (except the iPhone 4). There's a full compatible device list here.

If you're a Verizon user in one of the included markets, let us know in the comments if you're seeing better LTE speeds.


Ok, so whos idea was to call cities "markets"?

also that hardly says anything here without actual numbers. Better downlaod speeds can mean a 10mbps to 100mbps or it can mean 50kbps to 60kbps.
Also, your internet speed IS your bandwidth. its literally the widght of your connection. What often gets incorrectly called that is artificial capacity limits imposed by ISPS in order to extract more money or to hide their lack of infrastructure. We call them "caps" because "capacity" is the word.

Also apparently AWS is now immune to concrete and metal structures interferance?

I was already getting close to 2 MBps, so hard to tell.


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