Watch_Dogs Re-Imagined as Commodore 64 Game

Watch_Dogs Re-Imagined as Commodore 64 Game

YouTube user MajamiHiroz has created a video transforming Watch_Dogs in a retro-tastic Commodore 64 game.

The release of Watch_Dogs is growing ever nearer and, in turn, countless eager gamers are chomping at the bit to get their hands on what could be the newest big name in open world gaming. Even with the next big thing looming large on the horizon however, some gamers have set their eyes firmly toward the past.

Take YouTube user MajamiHiroz, for instance. The creator of a variety of retro-themed productons, Hiroz has recently released a video reimagining Watch_Dogs as a Commodore 64 game straight out of 1989. The video, which runs about three minutes and 40 seconds in length, showcases a blocky low tech take on the upcoming game that features a pixelated Aiden taking on a mission, tracking down a target and then getting into a firefight in the middle of a city street.

All in all, it's a clever recreation of the game as Ubisoft's show it to us and, if nothing else, should offer a few minutes of amusement to help perk up prospective players who have been waiting for Watch_Dogs for years now. Viewers interested in seeing similar content meanwhile, should check out the rest of MajamiHiroz's videos which include a retro-fied GTA: Vice City and L.A. Noire.

Source: YouTube


Hopefully the actual Watchdogs on current gen consoles will look marginally better than this.

So this is the bonus feature for the 57th Special Edition of Watch Dogs?

So this is the bonus feature for the 57th Special Edition of Watch Dogs?

Actually, no. This is the version of the game that filthy gaming peasants who don't believe in pre-order culture get if they just normally purchase the game from a store on release day. In order to get the real game, they then have to pay a $15 upgrade fee on top of the $60 they dropped for the game in order to disable a pay wall.

How can you do a re-imagining of something that isn't even out yet?

Man that looks so boring.

Who binds a control to F2!? On the C64, you had to hold shift + F1 to use "F2"...

Allrighty, I'm going to be the oddball here and say that I liked it. While visuals are pretty difficult with sixteen colors and large pixels, the music is especially well done.

Looks interesting, but they clearly edited out the UPlay registration and log-on using the Commodore's Model 1670 1200 baud modem.


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