Big Hero 6 Trailer Introduces Marvel's First Animated Film

Big Hero 6 Trailer Introduces Marvel's First Animated Film

Disney Animation will bring Marvel Comics' Big Hero 6 to the big screen.

Marvel and Disney Animation have revealed the first trailer and poster for Big Hero 6, Marvel's first foray into animated movies. Big Hero 6 takes you to San Fransokyo, home of robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada. In the trailer, Hamada tries to outfit his robot sidekick Baymax with a super suit. Click the thumbnail below to see the full poster. Hamada and Baymax eventually join up with a group of crime fighters, including Wasabi-No-Ginger, Honey Lemon, GoGo Tomago, and Fred. Walt Disney Animation Studios, the studio behind Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph, is producing the film. The film will be directed by Don Hall (Winnie The Pooh) and Chris Williams (Bolt). Big Hero 6 arrives in theaters November 7.

The trailer shows a futuristic world, where Hamada is able to design a new suit for Baymax using a touchscreen tablet and use what looks like a 3D printer to create the pieces. In the comics, Big Hero 6 have appeared in the pages of Alpha Flight and in mini-series. Members of Big Hero 6 have included Wolverine's nemesis Silver Samurai, and Sunfire, a former member of the X-Men. In the trailer, you only see Hiro Hamada (whose name in the comics is Hiro Takachiho) and his robot, Baymax. While the story is inspired by the Big Hero 6 comics, we don't know yet how closely the story will be tied to the greater Marvel universe.

All previous animated Marvel films have been direct-to-video features or films for television. Big Hero 6 will be Marvel's first theatrically released, CGI animated film.

Source: IndieWire


The same gag as the Incredibles trailer, despite their recent successes I doubt this is going to meet that high standard.

Its Disney's first animated Marvel movie, not Marvels first animated movie... that or I have been hallucinating a box set of animated marvel movies on my dvd shelf for the past couple years...

Surprised it took this long honestly, thought Disney would have 3 of these by this time when I first heard about them purchasing Marvel.


I saw the... trailer yesterday, which was a teaser for this... teaser...

The premise is very interesting, but I do wish they gave us a bit more rather than a Pixar short. Well, it was short of a short as well.

But considering the lack of Asians portrayed in Disney films, I'm very excited for this project, even though they aren't following Big Hero 6 to the letter.

But we'll just have to see.

I liked Frozen, I liked Wreck it Ralph.
What could possibly go wrong?!?!?!!!
Seems like a fun movie based on that little clip :D

They could have gone for a way more original design for the kid who presumably doesn't fit in at school. Instead of just being like, yeah, we can copy+paste the kid from "How to Train Your Dragon"'s head right? No one will notice.

Really? So all those animated movies before about Marvel stuff weren't Marvel animated movies? Maybe you mean digital animation. Or their first in-movieverse canon animated movie?

Anyway I am sort of wary about the Wreck it Ralph crew. I just can't deal with another animated movie about adhering to rigid social classes and never ever venturing out of your cast system otherwise misfortune will befall you.

You'd almost think a bunch of Indians made that movie.

I'm probably the only one hoping that this ties in to Heroman somehow...

Idunno about the film, but I am loving that poster design.

To be honest, i'm open to anything Disney have not gone wrong yet. A lot of big corps loose there souls along the way to the top, i'm not saying Disney are full love and charity... but making family films and cartoons requires a little and they seem to be running along with a lot of that magic at the moment so I have hope for all of this at the moment.

Big Hero 6 seems like such a strange first outing for a Disney/Marvel animated feature. A Power Pack or a Young Avengers film I could understand, but this seems so out-of-left field. I'm not condemning this choice, I'm just saying its an interesting one.

What's next? Heroes from The Incredibles filling in for the mutant members of the Avengers?


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