Watch Morgan Freeman Narrate on Helium for Science Channel Show

Watch Morgan Freeman Narrate on Helium for Science Channel Show

The distinguished voice of the veteran actor gets a makeover for the fifth season of Through the Wormhole, which returns on June 4.

When you think of Morgan Freeman, you can picture him in dozens of movies, such as Lucius Fox in the Christopher Nolan Batman films, God in Bruce Almighty, or as Red in the Shawshank Redemption. His relaxing baritone has been used to narrate numerous films and documentaries, from March of the Penguins to Conan the Barbarian to War of the Worlds. But one thing you probably hadn't visualized is the distinguished actor narrating a show ... on helium.

The Science Channel made him do just that for the next season of Through the Wormhole, a science documentary on the universe and its mysteries. And while the sound is comedic and unexpected, it fits perfectly with his introduction to the episode on the unexpected effects of gravity in unusual places.

What makes this intro even more funny is Freeman trying hard to stifle a laugh after he does his second intake of helium. Check it out for yourself.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


That's fantastic. Something about a voice actor as famous as Morgan Freeman doing it makes this great.

even with his high pitch sound he still sounds intimidating and wise :D

Luckiest balloon ever! Being able to take away the famous voice of Morgan Freeman. That balloon is probably thinking "oh ya, I'm awesome" in that clip.

Now if only it could be done with Brian Blessed, but against so much HAM, I guess even helium just run away whimpering.

This just made my day! Thank you Morgan Freeman and Discovery!

Gwavity! That made me giggle more than it probably should have.

This was quite amusing, and through the wormhole is a good show too.

Morgan Freeman, the amazing voice, on helium.

Now I want to hear the likes of littlekuriboh on helium as well.

Yeah, I saw him try to not laugh while on helium. They must have done dozens of takes to get that right, after everybody on set was done laughing.

He sounds even more divine than without the helium.

Reminds me of when Vin Diesel tried speaking on helium.

Magnificent in the extreme. Any other famous voices done things like this? David Attenborough, maybe?

Johnny Novgorod:
Reminds me of when Vin Diesel tried speaking on helium.

this video is awesome...but perhaps one of the most awesome things about it is actually the quote that he drops...

Okay, that was brilliant. Now make him do it again with Sulphur Hexafluoride.


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