Watch_Dogs Hacks Brought to Life in New Video

Watch_Dogs Hacks Brought to Life in New Video

A recently released video by the friendly folks at Smosh explores just how Watch_Dogs' hacks might look in the real world.

What if you could hack the world? What if all it took was a few flicks of your phone's touch screen to give you complete and utter control your environment and all the various gadgets and gizmos populating it? That question is arguably at the very core of Watch_Dogs and, as the world prepares to receive the next big thing in open world gaming, there are some who are looking at the real world and imagining all the various ways Watch_Dog-esque tech could come in handy.

The folks over at Smosh, for instance, have recently released a video spoofing the game and exploring how one might apply some of the hacking abilities at player's disposal in a real life sticky situation. Switching street lights, hacking cell phones and billboards; the Smosh crew (along with professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdrek) have a lot of fun putting these tactics to work against a crew of hapless (and oddly law abiding) villains. The video's a bit on the longer side, but it's amusing all the way through so give it a watch and let us know what you think.

Source: YouTube


I aint seen anything from these guys for years! Last time I seen them they did a Ninja Turtles video using cardboard boxes. Guess they have bigger budgets nowadays :D

For the length of the video there weren't that many hacks employed. He switched the traffics lights (From green to red, which isn't how that hack works anyway), hacked a billboard and then did some stuff you can't do in the game anyway. Maybe it's just that I don't enjoy their type of humour, but that video was boring to me.

That is the worst thing Rob Dyrdek has ever done, and that includes being 7 feet tall in the mega obese suit. Maybe I am just not a Rob Dyrdek fan?

here's something funnier, because this was just garbage.

the hacks video feels like it was one of those things that someone was forced to put up even though they really didn't want to


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