Surreal Stealth Tangiers Trailer Shows Off Mind-Bending Fun

Surreal Stealth Tangiers Trailer Shows Off Mind-Bending Fun

It's close now. 2014 close.

We've been talking on and off about this strange little sandbox stealth title Tangiers, the one that bends reality and uses stolen words to baffle your enemies; the one that had a pretty good Kickstarter, and has been quietly polishing its design ever since. Well, here's some alpha footage for you, to show you just what it means when a game takes Dada and Burroughs as its inspiration.

It's been 8 months since that Kickstarter, and now the team's nearing its publish date. Late 2014 is the goal Andalusian set itself, for Linux, Windows and Mac, and yes, it will be on Steam. No, price hasn't been discussed.

As for what this thing feels like in practice, it might take its visuals from Early Industrial, but its emergent immersive sim gameplay intends to evoke cherished memories of Thief. Don't take anything for granted, not in a world where one misstep can fundamentally change just about everything; but this does mean that each playthrough will be unique.

"Navigate a dying landscape searching for shards of a broken city," teases Andalusian. "Steal language, re-use and corrupt it to further your goals. Journey through a fragile reality where careless actions will direct the world to fragment and rebuild itself." Or just get lost in the visuals. It may not be AAA pretty, exactly, but there's something gorgeous hiding out there in the shadows.

Dare you look?

Source: Tangiers


Wow.. i don't know what the fuck i just read or watched, but i feel i want this game feeding my eye sockets right now.

Could be QUITE awesome. Will keep my eye on this game.

That was pretty trippy in a noir kinda way. I gotta say it's caught my interest if nothing else, I'd like to see a little bit of gameplay though. Seeing how exactly we're supposed to "steal" language and re-use it would be nice, and pretty mind-bending to boot I'd bet.

Also, is anyone else getting a distinctly Slenderman vibe from these characters? Maybe it's just me but tall, slender characters, some of whom actually look faceless, in an all black and white world just screams Slenderman.

It's like watching the Inception trailer for the first time all over again. Just a whole lot of WTF.


Cry of Fear meets Thief? Is this what it's like?

From the trailer and the description, it's gameplay seems very Thief-esque with a lot of emergent elements, whereas the visuals and world design seem ripped right out of Cry of Fear.

Not that this is a bad thing. Not by any means. In fact, one might view it as a good thing. (myself included)

I'll have to keep an eye on this project. Thanks for the heads up, Adam.


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