The Witcher 3 Shows Off Open World Monster Hunting - Update

The Witcher 3 Shows Off Open World Monster Hunting - Update

Players will be able to use their "heightened senses" to follow blood trails and track monsters in The Witcher 3.

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Man, I cannot be more excited for this game. I loved the second one, and I really want to play 1 and 2 before this releases, but I have such a hard time with the gameplay and pacing of the first one. I want to have a Mass Effect 3 save file kind of deal, but done right because CDProjekt.

Then again, not many people would get to take advantage of that. The only console that had Witcher 2 was the 360, and no console got the first one. People playing Wild Hunt on PS4/X1 can't import anything. Even on PC, Witcher 2 and 3 support Linux/SteamOS when the first one doesn't. Maybe I shouldn't sweat finishing the first one so much, I don't think they'd bother having so many people jump in at 3 if it didn't exist independently on its own merits.

Also, damn those graphics, even on Xbone. This is gonna be the game that'll either compel me to upgrade my PC, or pick up a PS4. Witcher 2 is probably the best looking 360 game bar none, and I can only imagine that Wild Hunt will finally push things forward in the meaningful way we were expecting.

That doesn't even look better than Witcher 2 on low with bloom. Can't believe MS forced CDPR to show Xbone can easily notice the differences, stutters and the 30fps.

This game deserves to be shown on a high end PC with all it's bells and whistles enabled.

It took them forever to do this, but it seems all the witcher dreams are coming true ;)
I love Skyrim, but having an (at leas much more) open world AND a strong story, finally!
As a Gothic Veteran, imho that is by far the best kind of game!

I'm only concerned if my PC will be able to run it at full.

Still I must admit that does look pretty cool.

and this will be why i buy myself a new card at the end of the year.
I'm worried that all looked a little scripted

Fun fact: the closing phrase "thanks to zajebisty team working in Warsaw" literally means "thanks to the fuck*ng awesome team [...]" :)

Looks good, always loved the games, but was annoyed by little quirks, some of them seem to be gone here (like forced paths etc.).

That horse's backside looked like it was made from leather rather than fur... otherwise, it is really hard to tell in just 480p. It just eats all the detail.

I wonder if it will be more Monster Hunter-style with greater importance of the witcher's preparation for certain monsters. Reading books, listening to old legends told by a some old hag etc. to find out the weaknesses of certain monsters for sure makes a lot more sense than just trying something, then reloading, then trying again until you find the right combination.

I wish this were Dragon's Dogma 2. Can't get into any Witcher for some reason. The main character annoys me and I always had issues with combat feeling a bit slow and weightless...
It's one of those games that I rented and kind of liked a little bit, but then I died, got thrown back a little and never felt the need to come back to it.

This and DD combined would unbelievably amazing, but I can only dream. :|

I did as much of the optional content in Witcher 2 that I could, but the game felt very short to me. Despite taking almost 2 years to finish (my PC was unable to run the game for more than five minutes before crashing, yet it met every single one of the recommended requirements, had to wait until I upgraded).

I just hope that with this open world approach, they don't fall in to the same trap Bethesda has consistently done; The side/optional quests are more engaging than the main quest.


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