No Man's Sky Making Console Debut on PS4

No Man's Sky Making Console Debut on PS4

No Man's Sky will bring procedurally generated planets and space exploration to the PS4.

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I literally cannot describe how much I want this game and how badly I want it to be good. I've been marking out for this one ever since it stole the show at the Spike VGX, and I desperately hope it lives up to the hype. Seriously devs, you take as much time as you need. If it means you can deliver on your promises, I'll gladly wait another couple of years.

Aside from the procedurally planets and system, which is really cool I won't lie, this game seems rather underwhelming to me.

Before anyone asks I love space sims, in case someone would have thought "Oh you must not like these kinds of games". And I mean REAL space sims, like Wing Commander and Freespace.

This was the highlight of the presentation to me. Second place goes to either Grim Fandango HD/Remastered (which I'll get on Vita) and Far Cry 4 (which I'll get on PC if F-UPlay isn't forced).

If this goes out on PC, then I'm ignoring the PS4 until/unless the Plus Instant Game Collection on it gets big and juicy.

Well, it looks pretty, but they better actually have something to do there.

a PC version is very likely, i hope it happens, id like to try this one out

Articles full of informational goodness. :3 The second in particular is long, but the description of the procedural engine they designed is just... It explodes my brain. ._.


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