Google's "Pokemon Challenge" Rewards Real-World "Pokemon Master" Cards

Google's "Pokemon Challenge" Rewards Real-World "Pokemon Master" Cards

Google has sent out business cards to its Pokemon Masters, so they can prove that they are the very best, like no-one ever was.

Remember the Google Maps April Fool's Day "Pokemon Challenge"? A fun little spin on the usual April Fool's Day pranks, the Pokemon Challenge put an actual Pokemon collecting video game into the popular app. Furthermore, word had it that players who managed to collect all 151 Pokemon before the deadline were in for a special reward from Google itself.

It now looks like those rewards are finding their way into their respective Pokemon Master's mailbox, at least according to reddit user tinygrump.

Behold, the official Google business cards the company sent out to its Pokemon Masters, so that they can prove they are the very best, like no-one ever was:


"Wynaut have a little fun once a year?" says the letter that accompanied the business cards. Certainly, it's always great to see big corporations pull off cool little stunts like these.

Source: reddit


Google, I'd love you unconditionally if it weren't for Youtube. Just about everything else is amazing, and this attitude is part of it.

I was admittedly expecting more. I dont know what, considering the scale of the competition, but I guess since they were legally using the Pokemon brand I think I was expecting perhaps some kind of unique code for the latest game, or a physical badge of some sort. Not a business card.

It is nice that a company can afford to do something 'interesting' without negative consequences. Google has a history and casual relationship with many users. Compare that to say EA or Microsoft where if this were done it would be soley as a marketing exercise for some upcoming title (that is theirs, not a separate corporation)

That's one cheap-ass business card. It's a shame it has Google plastered all over it, instead of just a small and discreet logo somewhere.
Now if only we could get them to stop messing with the gmail inbox layout all the time...


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