Video Shows Drone Made Out of Chocolate That Actually Flies

Video Shows Drone Made Out of Chocolate That Actually Flies

A quadcopter made out of chocolate? Yep, and it actually flies. Watch the video to see it in action.

In news that would make Willy Wonka proud, a quadcopter drone made out of chocolate has been created, and it actually flies. While the motors are obviously made out of metal, and the propellers in plastic, the entire body is made out of chocolate. In the video embedded, the chef shows us how she made the actual drone. Basically, she took some chocolate, melted it along with other ingredients, then poured it in a cross mold with the motors intact and froze the entire thing.

Over on the choco-copter's YouTube page, the ingredients have been listed just in case you're adventurous and talented enough to try it on your own.

The new way of building copters. No drilling, milling or cutting required anymore. And when you get hungry during flight sessions you always have something to nibble with you ;-)

1000g dark chocolate
100g white chocolate
1x Naza M V2
4x Sunnysky X2216
4x Turnigy Plush 25A ESC

This could very well be a marketing stunt by a chocolate company, but it sure beats your standard drone making the rounds. Just in case you're wondering, yes, a chunk of the drone is indeed broken off at the end and is nibbled on.

Source: YouTube via TechCrunch


This is so sweet my internet lost connection while watching it :P

Not even so much chocolate was needed to make this.
Just have to be careful when eating the chopper at some point :D

A Helicopter made out of chocolate?

Coach from Left 4 Dead 2 would be over joyed!

Don't worry Coach, maybe the helicopter's made of chocolate!

Ok, that lady is beautiful and is fantastic with technology. Most perfect woman ever!

What's your favorite type of drone? Mine's chocolate.

Also, good thing it was cloudy or the drone might have pulled an Icarus.

Three things come to mind:

{1} The wooden Cyberman.

{2} The Monty Python sheep-jet.

{3} The Chocolate Soldier.

My mind associations are a strange thing to behold, sometimes. Okay, alot of the time. This is very cool in the 'We really shouldn't build this, but hey it works, so awesome' sort of way. Good going, guys.


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