Cubicles & Careers Videos Teach Fantasy Heroes To CURSE THIS GAME!

Cubicles & Careers Videos Teach Fantasy Heroes To CURSE THIS GAME!

The folks over at FantasyCon have the right idea.

Roll against Nepotism, buddy, and you'd better roll high. What's that? A 16? Oh, too bad, so sad ... that just wasn't good enough. He got the promotion, and you got the dirty end of the stick. Cubicles & Careers takes your standard bunch of fantasy nutjobs ... *cough* I mean experienced player characters ... on a quest! Well, not a quest. In fact there are no quests. CURSE THIS GAME!

It's all in aid of FantasyCon, happening over in the despotic quasi-medieval hell-hole that is Salt Lake City, Utah, on July 3-5. Firefly's Summer Glau, Lord of the Rings' Elijah Wood, and some rambling nutter called Pegg, among others, are all going to be there, so at least you're guaranteed some light entertainment before the dragons arrive and fry you all.

Enjoy! And thank your lucky stars this isn't Cthulhu. Cubicles drain enough Sanity on their own without an actual SAN mechanic to finish the job!

Source: FantasyCon


haha - this is hilarious


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