Game of Thrones Meets The Brady Bunch Thanks to Wil Wheaton

Game of Thrones Meets The Brady Bunch Thanks to Wil Wheaton

Game of Thrones opening sequence needs more of the characters, says Wil Wheaton.

Spoilers through season three in the video.

While the opening sequence of Game of Thrones is iconic, beautiful, and catchy, it doesn't really inform the viewer about anyone in its rather large cast. Wil Wheaton, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Wesley Crusher and all-around geek icon, decided to address this by way of The Brady Bunch.

The Brady Bunch, an early 70s sitcom, had one of television's most recognizable and parodied themes. Also, the show's theme listed out the characters of the show and their relationship to each other, which is exactly what Wheaton was looking for.

The clip aired on Wheaton's SyFy series The Wil Wheaton Project, a comedic show that dissects and discusses topical subjects in geek culture. Game of Thrones theme parodies are incredibly popular, so it's a fitting subject for Wheaton's show. While a Game of Thrones parody video wouldn't normally be newsworthy, Wheaton's unique position within pop culture makes this a little more exciting. Since we're on the subject, you might want to check out the "Peter Dinklage" version of the theme, which we can't stop singing around the Escapist office.


That was way more amusing then I thought it would be and now I strangely want a show like it.

It's official: Wil Wheaton gets involved and things become ten times geekier.

Not that that is a bad thing, mind...far from it...

Wheaton's new show is brutal. Wow. Anyone giving it more than one season?

That was strangely awkward but slightly amusing.

Wheaton's new show is brutal. Wow. Anyone giving it more than one season?

No way. I love Wil, so I've stuck with it so far, but the show is absolutely terrible. We all know Wil's a funny guy, so I have to imagine it's a matter of bad writing.

Even on the cesspool that is the SyFy network, I can't see this one coming back for season 2.

Am i the only one who thinks Will Wheaton is an awful host? I tried watching the Orphan Black talk show thingy, because i recently got into the show and think its great, but I couldn't sit through Wheaten as a Host. he comes across as sad and dull, instead of funny. It's like he is trying too hard to be Chris Hardwick or Joel McHale. Will is okay in Big Bang Theory, as a occasional gimmick. Best work was easily Stand By Me, not sure what happened after that.

Anyway i thought the GoT Brady Bunch intro skit was pretty funny.


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