RUMOR: Gossip Site Claims to Know Dawn of Justice Plot, Wonder Woman Costume

RUMOR: Gossip Site Claims to Know Dawn of Justice Plot, Wonder Woman Costume

Movie gossip specialists claim to have "scooped" big details of Warner Bros. big superhero team-up

WARNING: While unconfirmed, some of this could conceivably be considered minor spoiler info and should be treated as such. is these days known more for their racy headlines, but they're also one of the web's longer-lived movie gossip sites from the good old days of actual leaks and scoopage. Now, they've jumped back into the game with a video brief quoting an anonymous source about plot and design details of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Most of the info (none of which appears to include serious story-surprises) focuses on the status quo of Batman and his actual crimefighting operation, along with a general idea of the new Lex Luthor's personality that line up nicely with just about everything that's been previously reported about the character i.e. the traditional "self-made billionaire threatened by Superman's natural-born superiority" modern interpretation of Lex reimagined as a Steve Jobs-esque tech CEO rather than an industrialist. The "scooper" also mentions a possible second, unnamed villain and claims that while Diana/Wonder Woman will have a substantial role, her origin-story will not be dealt with in detail for this film.

The scooper further claims to have seen Wonder Woman's uniform, describing what would effectively be the "classic" outfit but with a "battle-skirt" instead of shorts or leggings and the longer silver forearm-gauntlets from the "New 52" uniform instead of the traditional gold bracelets. It is also claimed that she will fight with a sword, shield and spear along with the familiar golden lasso.

Warner Bros. has made no comment on the story (which did not name its "trusted source.) It is widely expected that WB will reveal substantial details of the film (possibly including the characters' uniforms and maybe even some footage) at SDCC in July.

Source: JoBlo


Sounds decent enough if true.

If I do go see this movie, it'll probably be because of Wondy. Her Gail-Simone penned stories are the reason I'm a comics fan now.

Luthor as Evil!Steve Jobs sounds entertaining in the stupidest way possible.

Yeah, sure, like there's a plot beyond "Hey! Look at all these characters! Don't you want to watch us instead of a competant superhero movie studio?!"

Now this is the Wonder Woman I've been hoping for. I'm hoping those rumors about her outfit are true.

I so want the Wonder Woman costume rumor to be true, if anything to give me some minor moment of hope for this movie. However, when they described Lex Luthor's motivations, it really makes me wish they hired someone like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for that role or someone who actually looks imposing.

BTW, Superman is still in the movie, right? I know I made this joke in a previous message thread but we have heard jack squat when it comes to Superman. I'm starting to think he's gonna end up in the supporting cast list eventually.

While not a "DC guy," what I'm hearing about recent iterations of Luthor, if true, do strike a chord with me. It's quite an allegory for real life, that no matter how hard you try, how much you sacrifice, and how much you've "earned it," there will always be people "better than you" for now other reason than because of when/where they were born. We have stories like Dr Dre becoming a billionaire, having grown up on the "streets of compton." But how many others share his same background that will never achieve literally even 10% of what he has? How many people from similar walks of life will never even be 10% of a billionaire? But for all the lessons that he had to learn, and all the lucky breaks that he had to get, there are kids born into wealth that will inherit modern day empires (professional sports teams, Walmart, Coca Cola etc), who could never, and will never fail by sheer virtue of their birth.

I can empathize with Luthor; The guy's done what he felt that he had to in order to make it to the top, but then there is this god that is literally worshiped, that Luthor, for all his intelligence, cunning, ingenuity, and street smarts, will always, ALWAYS be second to. Superman can move planets (when the plot calls for it), for no other reason than "because he was born that way." Never had to work for it. I can see resenting the hell out of someone like that. We'll see how it's played up in the movie.

it really makes me wish they hired someone like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for that role or someone who actually looks imposing.

They may be going for a diametrically opposed type thing. Luthor being the exact opposite of Superman. What good would Luthor looking physically imposing do? It would simply be one more way he could not match superman. But make him a "scrawny guy" that succeeding in spite of his like of physical prowess, and you have a guy that had to depend on smarts, charisma, ruthlessness and cunning, going up against a guy whose tactics are "fly faster and hit harder."


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