DC Comics' First Selfie Variant Cover Stars Batman And Superman

DC Comics' First Selfie Variant Cover Stars Batman And Superman

C'mon Bruce, smile for the camera!

DC Comics' heroes are getting into social media. Revealed on Instagram, the variant cover for Batman/Superman #14 is a selfie of the pair. The cover, by artist Paulo Siquiera, shows the Man of Steel and a less-than-enthusiastic Dark Knight taking a selfie. The cover is the first we've seen of DC Comics' variant cover theme for August. DC Comic co-publisher Dan Didio says, "From the people who brought you Scribblenauts, Steam Punk and Bombshell variant covers, August is Selfies cover month in the DC Universe! Yeah, yeah, I know they're silly, but that's the fun of it!" Batman/Superman #14 is due out in October, and there's no word yet on how to nab a copy of the selfie variant.

DC's variant themes have produced some gorgeous covers. The classy pin-up posters of DC's heroines, including a Wonder Woman styled like Rosie the Riveter, became variant covers for June. In March, 22 Robot Chicken variants graced the covers of DC's greatest heroes, a promotion for the second Robot Chicken DC Comics Special, which aired in April. Variant covers can be collector's items or incentives for retailers to order more copies of the book. The first issue of BOOM! Studios' Big Trouble in Little China comic series got 14 variant covers, several of which were exclusive to certain stores.

At first, I loved this cover, but then I realized how much dread I'd feel if a Kryptonian was forcing me to smile. One slip and Bruce Wayne's going to need some serious reconstructive surgery. I still might try to grab a copy of this variant, if only to take a selfie with the selfie.

Source: DC Comics


I can hear bat man through clenched teeth "Im going to stab you with a kryptonite knife"

I can hear bat man through clenched teeth "Im going to stab you with a kryptonite knife"

That is an almost verbatim recount of my first thought.

Considering that Superman got super strength, it not like Batman can resit the force smile unless he pulled his head back from Clark hand. None the less it is an amusing image.

Look at Superman.

Just look at him.

He's cheesing it up and some how, some way got Batman involve.

"I do not hate you Clark but,the next time Lex Luthor gets you in a tight spot I might be out of batarangs."

Batman: "Just wait 'til my Kyrptonite-powered Vine Smack-Cam device is operational, Clark..."

"Come ooooon, Bruce!" >_>
"No." -_-
"Just one picture!" <_<
"No." -_-
"It'll make you look more relatable!" ^_^
"...exactly." -__-
"Cops might stop trying to arrest you!" ^_^
"I doubt a pic-"

Nice one, that got a chuckle out of me. It's a little... I don't know what the word is but it feels they're just trying to cash in on the trend (they obviously are but you'd think this would be a little sooner.)

It's about time. DC's been taking itself way too seriously lately.

You know Bruce is going to beat Clark senseless with those Kryptonite boxing gloves from Dark Knight Strikes Again.

As much as I'm getting tired of the selfie trend, this one got me chuckling. Now if only someone would bring some levity to that train wreck Zack Snyder is currently working on.

That really has some charm to it.

While I absolutely despise Selfies I will admit this made me laugh.

... OK, it was KIND OF funny.


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