Doctor Strange Submitted For Possible LEGO Set

Doctor Strange Submitted For Possible LEGO Set

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Doctor Strange and his Sanctum Sanctorum might be translated into block form with another 9000 supporters.

Doctor Strange is getting quite a bit of attention these days, largely because he'll soon be heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Before that happens however, there's a chance that fans will get to construct him in LEGO form. The LEGO Ideas website, which allows supporters to vote LEGO products to an official approval process, has a recent submission for Doctor Strange and his Sanctum Santorum house. Considering that the Sanctum rebuilds itself and its interior is constantly changing, this in one LEGO project that seems incredibly appropriate.

The Sanctum Santorum has a long history in Marvel Comics as Doctor Strange's home, not to mention the occasional base for the Defenders and Avengers. According to the submission, the Sanctum would include pieces for a library, Concordance Engine, a meeting hall for heroes, and Doctor Strange's study. Additional characters will be introduced in future updates, although Wong and Strange's wife Clea are likely candidates.

The LEGO Sanctum is designed in a modular building style so it can be inserted directly into pre-existing LEGO cities. So far, the project only has 1000 of the required 10,000 supporters, but with over 300 days left it still has a fair chance. Personally I hope it makes it, even if just so another Doctor can swing by a blue box and blow everyone's minds.

Source: LEGO Ideas, via Bleeding Cool


Where is his man-servant, Wong?! I demand a Wong lego man!

A Shuma-Gorath figure is a must.

Kind of cool, but its hard to be excited about just yet.

Kuzoo/Ideas is really just "some guy on the internet had a random idea and made a picture of it". Even if it gets the votes it depends a lot on whether Lego have or can easily license it, and if not the rejection responses are essentially a politely worded "thanks but no thanks". Not much news to them unless the news-related part is that an idea has gone massively viral.

I keep throwing money at my screen, but nothing's happening. ;.;
This would be a serious buy if it ever came to be.

Uh Marvel and Lego have an arrangement. There is a Doctor Srange movie in the works, so there will be Lego Doctor Stange set(s) in the future (as well as Guardians of the Galaxy, AntMan etc). That one does look pretty cool though.


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