Kickstarter Jumps Shark, Potato Salad Project is a Go - Update2

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Kickstarter Jumps Shark, Potato Salad Project is a Go - Update2

Update 2: Zack Danger Brown only wanted $10, and now he has $3,700 and counting at time of writing. All stretch goals have been reached, including an internet potato salad party at $3,000.

"I honestly don't know what is realistic anymore," says Danger Brown, who now has to hire out a party hall and invite the whole internet to watch him make potato salad. The process will be taped and uploaded to a video site.

"The internet loves potato salad! Let's show them that potato salad loves the internet!!"

While we're on the subject:

Hot Potato Salad

Potatoes, 3 lbs
Diced Bacon, 1/4 cup
Chopped Onion, 1/2 cup
Flour, 1 tbsp
Salt, 2 tsp
Sugar, 1 1/4 tbsp
Pepper, 1/4 tsp
Cider vinegar, 2/3 cup
Water, 1/3 cup
Celery seed, 1/4 tsp
Chopped parsley, 3 tbsp

Cook potatoes until tender. Cool, peel, thinly slice. Fry bacon, add onion & cook 1 min. Blend in flour, salt, sugar, pepper. Add cider, water. Cook 10 min stirring well. Pour over potatoes. Add celery seed, parsley. Toss gently. Serve warm; serves 6.

I have that from an old cookbook, and I've always wanted to try it.

Update: The Potato Salad Saga continues, as the project goes over $1,300 pledged at time of writing, with 28 days to go. Zack Danger Brown's project set three new stretch goals - better mayo, better recipe and more salad - and blew past them all in less than a day.

Potato salad theme hats are now on the menu, if you pledge $25 or more. "I need to look up shipping prices," says Brown. "I don't really know anything about shipping out of the country."

As a contribution to the cause, here's another recipe courtesy of Jack Monroe:

Aloo Dum

500g potatoes, diced,
2 tbsp oil,
2 fat cloves of garlic, finely chopped,
1 onion, sliced,
1 red chilli, finely sliced, or pinch of dried,
½ tsp turmeric,
1 tsp cumin,
Pinch of salt,
400g chopped tomatoes,
Frozen peas, handful,
Few sprigs of fresh coriander.

Put the potatoes in a saucepan, cover with water, bring to the boil and simmer until cooked, but not tender. They should resist a fork slightly - you'll carry on cooking them later. Drain.

Heat the oil in a large pan and add the onion, garlic and potatoes.

Add the spices and cook on a medium heat for 10 minutes to soften the onions and crisp the edges of the potatoes.

Add the peas, pour over the tomatoes and simmer for at least 15 minutes to allow the flavours to develop. Serves 2.

I've tried this a couple times; it's a winner, and not nearly as spicy as you might suspect. True, it's not the potato salad Danger Brown may be searching for, but it's a tasty variant on the theme.

There will also be a pizza party, but there will be no potato salad at the pizza party. Boo!

Kickstarter has been used to fund many strange and wonderful projects, but few are more wonderful than one Columbus, Ohio man's quest to fund his potato salad. He needed $10. He now has considerably more than $10, with 29 days still to go, and has hit all three of his stretch goals: make more potato salad, pizza party, and make two different potato salad recipes. Unfortunately there will be no potato salad at the pizza party. Shame!

But wait! There are risks involved. He admits this is his first potato salad: it may blow chunks. He has no idea which potato salad recipe he'll use, and is a novice when it comes to identifying types of potato. He's also a bit laissez-faire with his backer reward levels: wiser heads might have said that, if you're going to offer people the chance to hang out in the kitchen with you while you make your potato salad, you add a clause along the lines of 'you cover your own travel expenses, buddy' or 'we're only doing this remotely, by the way; you stay in your kitchen, me in mine.'

That said, there's no sense in raining on someone else's party. Clearly recipes are needed. With that in mind:

Potatoes, small red, unpeeled, 2½ lb
Celery stalks, cut into slices, 3
Spanish onion, fresh diced, ¼ cup

Sour cream, ½ cup
Mayonnaise, ½ cup
Mustard seeds, 1 tablespoon
Green (spring) onion, finely chopped, 1
Parsley, chopped, ¼ cup
Dry mustard, 1 teaspoon
Salt, ¼ teaspoon
Pepper, ground, ⅛ teaspoon
Extra fresh chopped parsley for garnish.

Boil water in pan. Add salt. Boil potatoes until slightly tender but still slightly resistant when pierced by fork, c 15-20 mins. Drain, cool, cut potatoes into chunks.

Combine potatoes, celery & red onion in bowl. Set aside.

Stir together sour cream, mayonnaise, mustard seeds, green onion, ¼ cup parsley, dry mustard, salt & pepper. Mix well.

Pour dressing over potatoes. Mix well, being careful not to break potatoes apart.

Transfer salad to serving platter. For best flavor, cover and chill for up to 2 hours before serving.

Sprinkle with garnish. Serves 6.

Source: Kickstarter


Still a better project than most games on KS. At least this one has a solid chance of being made, and will likely be of better quality... :p

Well, that didn't take long. How old is Kickstarter anyway? They were able to jump the shark pretty quickly.

God, I laughed so hard at this.
I guess I'm easily amused.

Well, this was entertaining.
It will be glorious if he actually fail to make one after so many money he get. And yes, I bet it will get over 1.000 dollars for a potato salad.

Oh I haven't lol'd like this from an Escapist article in quite a while.

...also made me hungry for lunch

thank you escapist, tomorow is our DnD night, now i know what i will serve the group :-)

I don't know what's funnier, the fact that some guy actually put this up on Kickstarter, or the fact that as of writing this there's 73 backers pledging $315 for potato salad.

A potato salad isn't complete without some gherkin slices for added sweet and sour crunch.

I'd rather suggest the guy this kind of bad boy

I did laugh a lot.

That salad doesn't even look tasty.

A realistic kick starter, with decent stretch goals and a strong likelihood of satisfying it's initial outline.

Sounds like a win to me.

So if Kickstarter has jumped the shark... it's game over? Kickstarter will never recover from this?

Wow, and here I thought I would never have an idea worth kickstarting. Turns out I was being to picky. You have to admire this guy balls and sense of humor.

Anyone interested in a kickstarter to get Fox News and MSNBC to shut the hell up? :D

Well. We as a humanity have grown to this event's continued existence.

We should feel a mixture of shame, pride, and humility, yet this is also a bea-

Hahahaha. This is dumb. This is amazing. But mostly dumb.

Red onions? Peasant.

This is pretty much the greatest thing I've seen all week.

Thank you Escapist.

Also, I pledged 2 dollars. I hope I get my photo.

I mean come on, Danger is his middle name. This can't possibly fail.

New stretch goals!

I, for one, want to see if he can get the Chef's Special recipe.

this is panhandling for the internet age

RJ 17:
I don't know what's funnier, the fact that some guy actually put this up on Kickstarter, or the fact that as of writing this there's 73 backers pledging $315 for potato salad.

Update, 203 backers, $964 obtained, 28 days to go

As someone who is a connoisseur of Potato Salad, that without a doubt looks like the most boring potato salad on the planet..

What is the problem here? I have backed 20-30 kickstarters and none of them has returned a product to me yet. This, THIS, this will be completed. I wish I got in on the ground floor of this, I would have been proud to back this.

I do hold out hope for Hex Heroes.

Man, now I want to make kickstarter really jump the shark by Kickstarting a recreation of the Shark Jumping stunt from Happy Days. Sigh, oh the Fonz. I wonder how much I would have to raise to get Henry Winkler involved.

As someone who's not really a fan of potato salad in general... That's still pretty damn awesome in and of itself!

So if Kickstarter has jumped the shark... it's game over? Kickstarter will never recover from this?

Given how it has already sprouted as many spin-offs as The Real Housewives as this point, I expect some kind of Kickstarter "reboot" the same way Live! with Regis and Kelly became Live! with Kelly and Michael...

Then again, maybe Kickstarter would fund this new "reboot" when the time comes...

That salad doesn't even look tasty.

By now you should have know this is not the final product. It is the early concept of the potato Salad. Without your money, he can't create a proper Potato Salad.

They should go a step further.

Take the money, make the potato salad, then donate it to the homeless shelter or something. Or hand it out free to random people.

It would be the most useful and beneficial kickstarter yet. With none of the guilt of wasting money on a joke.

I love how this is under "Science & Tech". XD

I'm not complaining though, I love news like this and I guess it had to be under one of the sections of the site.

The comedy of the situation is so great that all I can do is stare at the computer screen with my mouth agape. The little emergency engineer in my brain has probably just hit every drainage valve on my thoughts to keep my brain from overloading.

The most frustrating part of all of this, is that I didn't think of it first.

Fenrox Jackson:
What is the problem here? I have backed 20-30 kickstarters and none of them has returned a product to me yet.

What... seriously?

I've backed 8 projects and 2 of them have returned completely finished products (VGHS S2, and Video Games Live Level 3), one of them has released half of its product (Double Fine Adventure) and one has released an alpha but has since gone dark (Yogventures)

The other four are still in progress but are showing every sign of being completable and are making good progress.

Maybe you just need to be more careful with who you back?

It's past $3000 now. WHY

Unbef****lievable. Not in a bad way mind you. It was a funny joke, for sure, but still; almost 4 goddamn grand raised for this guy on a joke so simplistically idiotic I want to punch myself for not thinking of it first. It's so hilariously stupid I'd swear it was something put together by 4chan or Something Awful (or one of those forum communities) if I didn't know better.

Just... bravo my good man. Bravo. And good on you too internet for your ability to latch on to something small and make it truly fantastic.

Speaking of 4chan: does this remind anyone else of the mountain dew flavor naming contest?

Edit: well it seems the image isn't working, so here's a page it can be found on.
(bottom entry)

I really wish the guy lived closer to me because I want to go to the hall he rented for the potato salad. I want to meet the kind of people that back kickstarters for potato salad and then show up to eat said potato salad.

I like how this is no longer under his control, it belongs to the internet now. But there's something almost sinister or belligerent about this. I can't quite put my finger on it.


Well then...

I think, It's time to tell the internet about a taco party I'm having... TO KICKSTARTER! FREEEEE MONEY!

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