We're Livestreaming the New D&D Starter Set

We're Livestreaming the New D&D Starter Set


Watch right here as we get into adventurin' trouble.

The starter set for the brand new edition of Dungeons & Dragons released recently, and since the magic is back we decided we'd sit down and pretend to be wizards for a while. We livestreamed the set's initial encounter and adventure for a few hours, encountering goblins and worse.


  • Escapist Editor-in-Chief Greg Tito as Elven Wizard Shardan Gildersleeve
  • Producer Paul Goodman as Human Noble Fighter Ptolemy of House Lysander
  • Producer Justin Clouse as Dwarf Cleric Baldur
  • and Tabletop Games Editor Jon Bolding as the Dungeon Master

You can click through to the stream right here. Like what you see? Sound off in the forums and let us know!


Not a big fan of tabletop games but that was quite fun.

Indeed it was rather enjoyable.

Always wanted to give D&D a go, but never knew enough other people who were interested in it.
The chat during the broadcast was quite useful on that front as well, and I'd love to see more of this in the future.


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