The Last of Us Receives Violin Tribute

The Last of Us Receives Violin Tribute

Violinist Taylor Davis has returned with a new song and video based on the music of The Last of Us.

Last year, The Last of Us shocked and awed gamers around the world with its story of life, love and survival in a world gone completely and utterly to hell. It was an experience that left many gamers moved and, by this month's end, an entire new crowd of PS4 owners will have the chance to find out why so many people were ranting and raving about the game.

Perhaps in preparation for the game's upcoming remastered relaunch, violinist Taylor Davis has a released video paying tribute to the game. The video features Davis playing a cover version of the theme music from The Last of Us while cosplaying as co-protagonist Ellie. The cover itself was also just recently made available in her latest album The Anime and Game Collection. Davis, of course, has been behind several other pieces of video game-based music in the past, including songs based on The Legend of Zelda

The video, overall, does a good job of emulating the bleak and lonely atmosphere of the game, focusing on Davis as she wanders through and explores an overgrown area full of neglected buildings. The Clicker that arrives at the end is also fairly impressive looking, though it's mostly just seen from a distance. Put shortly, if you liked The Last of Us, you will most likely enjoy this. So give it a watch and let us know your impressions.

Source: Taylor Davis


That was amazing.

Also she is really cute >.>

That clicker in the end was pretty cool and I would hate to face a clicker in real life o.o

That's the theme for The Last of Us? Man I really must not have been paying attention when I was playing the game because I didn't recognize any of it. Still a good video either way.


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