@CongressEdits Twitter Bot Highlights Anonymous Congress Wikipedia Edits

@CongressEdits Twitter Bot Highlights Anonymous Congress Wikipedia Edits

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Your one-stop-shop for government Wikipedia involvement.

The world of Wikipedia edits is always tough to follow, even if the edits are made in the name of humor. Who cares if someone edits in Tim Howard as a cabinet member? But it could a different case if edits are being made by the US government.

That's not to make for some sort of government conspiracy rallying call -- there's already plenty of ammo for such things -- but it's important to know when changes to the world's biggest information index are being made by Congress.

Enter @CongressEdits, a new Twitter bot that spits out public alerts whenever IPs attached to the Capitol building make changes to Wikipedia.

The bot is the work of Ed Summers, an independent open source developer who started the account after his friend started a similar bot for the British Parliament.

The account has only been live for a week, but it's already garnered over 13,000 followers, and has already posted some rather...interesting edit alerts.

The content of the edits isn't included in the tweets (that would be incredibly complicated, I gather), but netizens with more time on their hands will undoubtedly uncover nefarious edits if and when they're made.

Source: @CongressEdits, Slashdot


But what nefarious edits could possibly be made to a delicious ice cream treat? What dastardly, malicious schemes could one have that involve the delectable comestible fusion of tacos and chocolate?


The example is funny, but it's more realistically an edit made by an intern. There's a ton of people in these buildings that are not government officials, and the way our government works they have LOTS of free time.

This is funny. Seriously, somewhere in Congress there's a man as bored and hungry as I am. Human beings after all...

Let's see what it found so far... 2 edits calling people disinformation agents funded by the Kremlin, 1 edit calling a conspiracy theorist an agent funded by aliens (Pleiadians), and finally one edit adding praise to a republican member of the house of representatives.

This bot might actually ease the burden on wikipedians who try to keep the wiki clean :)

its funny looking at the edits they made (the links on the twitter page go straight to the latest edits and highlights whats been edited and removed or added) and too see if you click "next edit" thats its usually removed first day because its utter shit though sad too see that Wikipedia is the only place that does this fuck knows Australian media has been edited more than once..

The example might be funny, but this update isn't.

For those that don't want to click it, the page is the assassination of John F. Kennedy and they have changed it from listing the culprits as acting alone to acting on behalf the Fidel Castro.


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