Watch Doctor Who's Day of the Doctor in LEGO

Watch Doctor Who's Day of the Doctor in LEGO

Because adding LEGO makes everything better, even Doctor Who.

If you're looking to refresh your memory on recent Doctor Who happenings before season 8 premieres August 23rd, you've got plenty of viewing to do. But you can skip the 50th anniversary episode, Day of the Doctor, and watch this stop-motion LEGO recreation instead.

Sure, it's not a 75-minute blockbuster with cutting-edge special effects, but what it lacks in... well, everything else... it makes up for it with plenty of LEGO bricks. (And David Tennant's hair in LEGO form, which has to be some kind of special order.) Since the video clocks in around 5 minutes, it's easier to fit into your schedule if you're pressed for time between now and the season premiere -- so what are you doing still reading this? Click the video!

Source: Nerdist


That episode is still the greatest sci-fi masterpieces of all time. You don't get character development like that from any other work of fiction.


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