Game of Thrones Theme Meets Malukah in New Cover

Game of Thrones Theme Meets Malukah in New Cover

Malukah has struck again with a new version of Game of Thrones epic theme song.

So can we all agree that the Game of Thrones theme music pretty much just takes the prize for television's most awesome song? Granted, it certainly doesn't hurt that the credits sequence accompanying it is all sorts of cool on its own, but there's just something about the song itself that just embodies the majesty, tragedy and general epicness of the show. Now, thanks to Malukah, you can also add hauntingly beautiful to that list, as well.

The YouTube songstress, who initially gained fame for her cover of Skyrim's The Dragonborn Comes, recently released a new video featuring a mostly-vocal rendition of the show's popular theme song. She intermixed with a cover of The Children, another song from the show that debuted in the season finale of season four.

This, of course, will be her second music piece drawn from HBO's fantasy series, with her first being a cover of The Rains of Castamere. As much as I liked that song however, I have to say that her cover of the show's theme is, in my opinion, a much more interesting piece. Setting aside the fact that the song it's based on is oodles more awesome that the Lannister's house tune, I just liked how it was a tad more complex than her usual "sing and play acoustic guitar" bit. Not that's that bad, of course. I just kind of have a thing for drums. Give the video a view and let us know what you think of it.

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I really like her covers. I'm glad she covered this one. :D

To be perfectly honest, this one is a bit annoying to listen.

Adam Jensen:
To be perfectly honest, this one is a bit annoying to listen.

I agree, some of it sounded off key. Not her best work.

Well I must agree that this isn't her best, at least not the first half before the lyrics. Once the lyrics kicks in then the melody becomes much stronger and sounds absolutely amazing. at least thats how I experience it

While good, I think she slowed it down a too much and tripped herself up trying to hit the notes properly.

Her skyrim songs were great though.

Also makes me miss Rebecca Mayes :(

Makes me wish Loreena Mckinnet would do stuff like this.

I really, really, really want to like this, and like her stuff. I tend to like music like this - Enya, Loreena Mckinnet, Clannad, Celtic Women, Adiemus, etc. It doesn't matter what language they're singing in, I tend to like the sound and the music.

But I just can't get into her stuff. It's just too mellow for me, I think - the GoT theme here just highlighted it for me, though I've been wondering about it for quite a while. (I first started listening to her while listening to Miracle of Sound on Youtube and they had a crossover with her. I've listened to all the videos she has on Youtube, so it's not an isolated "I don't like this song" thing.) She doesn't use her voice dynamically enough - you could replace her voice with an instrument and very little would be lost. Heck, you replace her voice with Lindsey Sterling's violin and you might get an exciting - yet mellowish - set of work because of how dynamic Sterling can be with her violin.[1]

[1] that sounds far more negative than I intended. really, i don't hate her stuff, her or anything - i just think that it's missing something intangible and if it finds that something intangible it could be very good

Malukah is really the sort of pet peeve I have with the nerd community. You HAVE to love her/him because OMGWTFBBQ They Made This Nerdy Thing Once And OMG! Her old Skyrim stuff worked ok, because she sounded like she could be singing it in a tavern somewhere, she had sort of a minstrel-sounding voice in those. But most of her other stuff is awful, with this and her Fear Not This Night cover as particularly painful examples of Not Better With Nerd.


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