Watch The Sin City 2 Comic-Con Trailer

Watch The Sin City 2 Comic-Con Trailer

See what Liberace Noir looks like for yourself.

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It look like there are alot of dismemberment in the trailer, eithe way I am still hype for it!

Yes! I love sin city they can make six of these for all I care! ok maybe stick to 3 or 4 but yeah awesome!

To put it politely, the song in this trailer does nothing for me.

This isn't much to gripe over, but I'm comparing it to the song in the first one. Cells by Servant. Trailer :, full version with lyrics here So much better suited to the movie and setting least, that's my two cents. YMMV.

so ready to watch it. still a month to go for me to see it. well, at least i have galaxy coming up soon.

Looks cool. Lots of style and unique use of color.


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