Crossover Kong: Your Favorite Franchises Meet Donkey Kong

Crossover Kong: Your Favorite Franchises Meet Donkey Kong

crossover kong

Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Star Wars and more re-imagined in the game that gave us Mario, Donkey Kong.

Artist Baz has taken some of the most popular franchises in geek culture and given them the Donkey Kong treatment. Characters like Batman, the Doctor, and Luke Skywalker ascend the towers to combat Bane, Weeping Angels, and the rancor to rescue Catwoman, Amy Pond, and a Twi'lek.

The variety of franchises Baz reinterpreted into the world of 1981's Donkey King is fantastic, covering everything from the terrifying Aliens to the greatest children's show ever, Sesame Street. If you like the designs, Baz has made them available as t-shirts, posters, stickers, and more (even throw pillows) on Redbubble.

As awesome as the concept itself is, I'm a big fan of all the little details, such as K-9 at the bottom of David Tennant's stage or the Facehugger in the Aliens version.


To quote Ashens talking about these kinds of pop-culture mash-ups:

"Here's two things you like, we have put them together, money please!"

Hahahaha.... That was funny.

Now back to the crushing dread of not sleeping for a few hours while my neighbors fight.

That's pretty neat, I like the Metroid one. I don't have any interest in buying any of them, but looks like some work was put into them. Hopefully the person who put work into it gets some support, but more importantly, the people in charge of the franchises don't try to stop the selling of the shirts.


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