DeviantArt Comic Beats Batman In Motion Comic Marketplace

DeviantArt Comic Beats Batman In Motion Comic Marketplace


Anna Podewora and Kate Redesiuk's motion comic Milk for the Ugly has been viewed by more than 600,000 readers.

DeviantArt is a hive of creativity. Madefire, meanwhile, is where creative people go to share their motion comics. If it sounds like a match made in heaven, we'd probably agree. And so would they. In fact, the two sites, sensing opportunity, embarked on a partnership earlier this year which resulted in the creation of Motion Book Tool. A cloud-based program aimed at giving artists the tools needed to produce their own motion comic, it's already been employed by numerous DeviantArt users to produce their own works which have then been pubished to Madefire's app and on DeviantArt itself.

That a website of artists would jump on such tools probably won't surprise anyone. What's interested many however is just how successful some of the resultant works have been. Anna Podewora and Kate Redesiuk's comic Milk for the Ugly, for instance, has enjoyed unprecedented success, drawing in more than 610,000 views and even rising above other top titles Batman and My Little Pony on Madefire's charts. According to DeviantArt co-founder and CEO Angelo Sotira, this sort of success exemplifies the site's standard of pushing boundaries forward.

"Launching the Motion Book Tool to our vast community empowers a new wave of creative storytelling," said Sotira. "Our community is known for pushing the boundaries of enhanced storytelling, and this tool allows our members to usher in the most powerful option out there."

If nothing else, it's evidence that the right people, given the right tools can produce something impressive and unique. Rest assured we'll definitely be watching the site more closely to see what else its users come up with.


Ok I got to say, that was brilliant both concept, artwork and story!

That was a pretty cool comic.

This is awesome, i've always thought animatics would be a great way to tell stories.

Milk for the Uglies made for a pretty interesting scenario. I could almost see it being an entire series, though at the same time part of the appeal is lost once the story gets past the whole "So what's really going on here?" aspect. Wondering what's going on with the old lady was definitely a big part of the draw; at least for me.

man these faces aren't super annoying at all!
the desaturated but with red highlights also isn't overplayed right? that's new

That was pretty cool.

Deviantart hooking up with Madefire to make motion-comics, that *does* sound like a match made in Heaven.
Although, I want to voice this concern and I'm going to sound like a cynic even though I'm really, really not, but I'm a little worried this might go the way of fanfiction, where ninety percent of it is crap but the ten percent that's good is really good, but wading through all of it, you know?
But that's too negative for my blood, I seriously do look forward to stuff coming out of this partnership.


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