Michael Bay Will NOT Remake The Monster Squad After All

Michael Bay Will NOT Remake The Monster Squad After All


...mostly because someone else is doing the same basic thing instead.

Michael Bay's production company Platinum Dunes (also Andrew Form, Brad Fuller and others) was originally set up to create modern remakes of 70s and 80s horror franchises like Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nightmare on Elm Street, though it's branched out to other material since then. One long-planned project for the company would've been a remake of the 1980s high-concept kiddie creature-feature The Monster Squad - but now that project seems to have stalled.

When asked about the status of the remake at a press event for their new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, Form confirmed that development has ceased, with Fuller adding "That's dead." They did not elaborate further, but it's speculated that the move could be in response to Universal's recent announcement of an ambitious project to create a Marvel-style "shared universe" of films based around characters like Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.

Released in 1987 and best described as a classic-horror takeoff on The Goonies, The Monster Squad is named from a group of small town American grade-school kids who form a club based around their shared love of old monster movies. When Count Dracula arrives in their town along with an all-star team of fellow (real) monsters including The Mummy, Frankenstein's Monster, The Wolf-Man and the Creature From the Black Lagoon seeking a hidden artifact that will allow him to rule the world, The Monster Squad must call on their expertise to stop him. The original film was written by Iron Man 3's Shane Black and directed by Fred Dekker, who are currently sharing those duties (but in reverse) on the recently-greenlit Predator revival.

Source: Collider


i'd much rather he made this and ran with it than the turtles tbh.

after all the classic "Universal Monsters" don't really have much of a future/use outside of films like this.

i'd would have be so great if instead of bays turtles someone else had instead went "grittier" with them and a bit more "back to the source" off the back of all the recent comic book movies.

wolfman has truck nuts!

had to be said

To be honest I loved this film as a kid and I'm in the UK where this was rated 15, I watched it over and over when I was 7 onwards while at primary school. Aah the good old days.

oh, thank God for small favors. The man has done enough damage to nostalgia properties and to cinema in one life time.

Wouldn't mind a reboot of the Monster Squad if it was done right. Or at least a sequel.

It's almost a shame. The formula is straightforward (and goofy) enough that even Michael Bay might have cranked out something watchable from it. Now he's going to ruin something else.

I am looking forward to the Universal Monsters shared-universe, though. What will they be teaming up against for the big event movie?

I had forgotten this movie existed. I liked it as a kid. Much like Saturday the 14th Strikes Back, Mom and Dad Save the (universe?), and Teen Witch, there were a lot of odd kids movies back then.

Oh...no...now we're to be denied his genius vision and winning formula of sophomoric humor, explosions and gratuitous porn shots on a nostalgic 80s property...how sad.


See, this is what I want. Remakes of movies that were "OK". Not great movies, because we don't need more of them, we have the originals, but rather decent movies with a premise someone could take and run with. Instead this one doesn't pan out but the best films of my childhood are getting disinterred and bent over. Fuck Hollywood.

WAIT!! A Michael Bay remake of Monster Squad!? That was almost a thing? And I am just hearing about it now!? O.O well...at least I don't have to be angry seeing how it's not happening now.

thank sweet christ, the man shouldn't be allowed to make movies at all much less remake a cult classic like monster squad


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