Here's The Lego Variant Cover For Green Lantern Corps #36 (Exclusive)

Here's The Lego Variant Cover For Green Lantern Corps #36 (Exclusive)


We've got LEGO-ized John Stewart. Watch your feet.

You like LEGOs, and you like DC comics. And I bet you'd like to combine the two, right? Then you're in luck. This Fall, to celebrate the release of LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham, DC Comics is issuing a series of LEGO-ized variant covers featuring characters from the game. And because we care, we've got an exclusive look at the cover for Green Lantern Corps. #36, featuring John Stewart looking suitably heroic and blocky.

The full series of LEGO variant covers includes practically every mainstream DC title: Action Comics #36, Aquaman #36, Batgirl #36, Batman #36, Batman & Robin #36, Batman/Superman #16, Catwoman #36, Detective Comics #36, Flash #36, Harley Quinn #12, Grayson #4, Green Lantern #36, JLU #6, Justice League #36, Justice League Dark #36, New Teen Titans #4, Sinestro #7, Supergirl #36, Superman #36, Superman/Wonder Woman #13, and Wonder Woman #36.

The LEGO covers will appear on these titles' November issues. In the meantime, here's a larger resolution version of the cover. Enjoy.


oh nice. guess i'll be getting a few extra issues that month.

Okay, but where do I get the ACTUAL John Stewart lego figure?

And don't say "At Comedy Central's News Headquarters in New York."

Yaaaaaaaay, lego black people FTW!.

But seriously, this is pretty cool.

God damn am I far behind on the GL comics, I have to take them all out to see where I am and get them all, I need a job


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