Check out These Slick Miniatures Coming to Pathfinder

Check out These Slick Miniatures Coming to Pathfinder


Paizo has offered a preview of the miniatures it will be releasing for Pathfinder in the future.

Starting January 2015, Paizo will release an Iconic Heroes Boxed Set every month. Each set will include five iconic Pathfinder heroes miniatures and one suitable companion creature. As a bonus, each box will also include a unique Pathfinder Adventure Card Game card associated with each figure in the box - cards that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Each Iconic Hero Boxed Set will retail for $29.99 and feature miniatures with a "premium" paint job. Any hero released in these new box sets that has already appeared in a previous set will come with a completely original sculpt.

Paizo has offered a preview of the miniatures that will feature in the first boxed set; check them out, below.

Pictured in this set is Valeros, Iconic Fighter; Seelah, Iconic Paladin; Seoni, Iconic Sorcerer; Sajan, Iconic Monk; and Lini, Iconic Druid and Droogami, her Snow Leopard animal companion.

Future sets will eventually include every single iconic character Paizo has done to date, including all the classes from the Advanced Class Guide.

I love the artwork of Wayne Reynolds; seeing it depicted in a 3D sculpt is... interesting. Note that the images in the gallery are 3D renders, rather than actual photographs of painted minis, so expect the real minis to look better.

Source: Paizo


That Sorceror's expression is hilarious. Makes her look like a stern kindergarten teacher.

Each Ironic Hero Boxed Set will retail for $29.99 and feature miniatures with a "premium" paint job.

"Premium"? Really, that's what they're calling it? Well, I guess their marketing department has done its job at least.

Apart from the fur on Battle Cat knock-off, these figures all seem to be comprised of blocks of color without shading or highlighting. That's not "premium", that's what many painters would call "the starting point". The free-handing on the sorceress is kinda cool, or rather, it would be cool if I wasn't sure it was machine stenciled for mass production and almost certainly not painted by "free hand".

Is that "Derpina"? :D

"Premium"? Really, that's what they're calling it? Well, I guess their marketing department has done its job at least.

This is the problem I have when I look at practically any pre-painted minis after years of playing wargames, they're always absolutely terrible.

The Sorceress' face is off. Too long, and the eyes are too big.
Fighter's cheeks are too sunk in, looks partially emaciated, missing scar on nose, also too clean, Fighter's got some dirt on his face, too pale. Though I suspect the "dirt" would be added once the painting gets done. Not a great pose.
Paladin just looks... Off. It could just be the fact that it's a 3D render and not an actual mini, don't like the pose.
Monk's pose is kinda meh, doesn't really show off much about him, also suffers from 3D render appearances with no shading.
Druid's companion, looks alright, kinda wonky because of 3D render appearances, but not bad.
Druid herself... SWEET MOTHER OF MERCY, eyes too wide, missing facial tattoos, eyebrows vanish into hair (I know they gave her massive eyebrows, but c'mon) bad pose, and suffers horrible from 3D render lacking decent shading/shadows.

Overall verdict: Nope.avi
There have been better minis made of the Iconic heroes that keep better to the original art and with some better posing.
They could have done much better with this, but probably gonna pass.

Three for thirty bucks, non random, eh? Well, that's a start. Perhaps the presents of these minis will knock down the ridiculous overpricing of the Rise of the Runelords Seoni (who is 30 bucks BY HERSELF).

Either way, I'll probably pick up a "premium" Seoni (the sorceress) from Miniature once they're out. If other boxed-sets-to-singles patterns follow, she should be between 6 and 10 dollars individually.

Also, for those insulting the "premium" paint jobs, THIS is what a regular paint job looks like:


The pictured mini sells for 30 dollars or more.

Anyway, remember that we're talking about Pre-Painted Plastic miniatures here, not metal or resin high-end miniatures (like Kingdom Death).

God that Druid is hideous...
It looks like a cross between Sarah Kerrigan and a green hair troll doll.

Usually not a fan of prepaints, myself. With that pricetag, can't say I'm a fan of these either. reaper's Pathfinder minatures are much cheaper, and aren't made out of flimsy plastic either.


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