Weird Al, Wil Wheaton, and More Narrate Dungeons & Dragons Stories

Weird Al, Wil Wheaton, and More Narrate Dungeons & Dragons Stories

For the 40th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, 12 actors narrate a different story in the Legend of Drizzt collection.

A cast of well-loved actors narrate the 12 stories of Legend of Drizzt: Collected Stories, available today for free for 40 days from Audible. From comedian and musician Weird Al Yankovic to Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton, Legend of Drizzt has many familiar voices.

The 12 actors and the story each reads is below:

  • Felicia Day, The First Notch
  • Dan Harmon, Dark Mirror
  • Greg Grunberg, The Third Level
  • Tom Felton, Guenhwyvar
  • Danny Pudi, That Curious Sword
  • Sean Astin, Wickless in the Nether
  • Melissa Rauch, The Dowery
  • Ice-T, Comrades at Odds
  • Wil Wheaton, If They Ever Happened Upon My Lair
  • Al Yankovic, Bones and Stones
  • Micheal Chiklis, Iruladoon
  • David Duchovny, To Legend He Goes

R. A. Salvatore wrote the Legend of Drizzt collection of stories, and he reads the introduction to the audiobook. Back in February Ice-T announced that he was narrating a Dungeons & Dragons audiobook.

The stories are available for free for 40 days at Audible. Excerpts are also available for previewing.

"I've been a huge fan of R. A. Salvatore and the D&D worlds my whole life," said Felicia Day. "I loved being able to bring part of it to life in this audiobook, and to channel my inner male dwarf."

This production is a part of the partnership between Audible and Wizards of the Coast, publisher of Dungeons & Dragons.

Source: Audible


Well, I guess we know what Ice T was complaining about.

Weird Al reading D&D?


I downloaded it already because free, but I know pretty much nothing about Drizzt. I tried reading The Thousand Orcs when I was way younger, but I lacked a whole lotta context so not much of it made sense and I stopped pretty quickly. Do we know if that's gonna be the case with these as well?

What, no Vin Diesel?

Giving a listen to these now, If you enjoy any of those people (The voice actors), it's well worth the time. Since it's something I haven't been able to enjoy in a long while. Storytelling in such a base form is magical.

I'm a professional voice-actor, and I get most of my work through audio books. I have listened to Felicia Day's chapter and started listening to Ice-T's, and I have to say, they're both doing really well. Felicia Day especially. She puts a lot of really legit expression into her narration. You can tell she's not really a "voices" kind of narrator (most narrators aren't), but she does a very good job with the characters in that she doesn't try so hard that it takes you out of the experience, but still well enough that you can consistently differentiate characters. Ice-T does a remarkable job, despite his stated self-doubt. He's actually a more enjoyable narrator than most narrators who have hundreds of books on Audible. Not only does he anunciate clearly and accurately, but his signature accent and lisp still shine. . . and it's fucking hilarious. I'm picturing Drizzt with a gangsta lean, and pegasi with ground-effects.

I haven't read Salvatore in a LONG time but this voice talent is kinda making me wanna listen to him...

And also makes me think that I really need to get around to rereading the prequel trilogy. I want to see if those books are as good as I remember.

EDIT: Have started listening to it, and am reminded of why I really used to like Drizzt. The second story, Dark Mirror (narrated by Dan Harmon) had everything I loved about the Drizzt books; awesome action, engaging philosophy, and internal conflict. While my older and wiser self was able to see several problems with it, it actually got me to tear up a little bit at one point. Definitely a good story.

If offering me the chance to try their software for free was intended to put me off using Audible EVER again, well, mission fucking accomplished.

The level of effort required to download and run their software is just ridiculous, whatever happened to DRM free files and customer-friendly marketplaces?


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