Sharklumbo Combines Our Two Favorite Things into One Video Parody

Sharklumbo Combines Our Two Favorite Things into One Video Parody

Funny or Die brings Sharklumbo to life in this parody starring Kevin Pollak (and his excellent Peter Falk impersonation).

TV is a little shark-crazy right now, with Shark Week and Sharknado 2 (and soon to be Sharknado 3)... and Funny or Die's Sharklumbo fits perfectly into the sharkstravaganza. The premise is simple: "It's a shark. And it's also Peter Falk as Columbo."

Basic? Yes. But it's more justification than we had for this week's Discovery Channel slate of Sharkzilla, Sharkpocalypse, Sharkageddon, and Sharksanity, so why not roll with it? Sure, it's ridiculous (and a bit gory, in a fake CGI kind of way), but it's the sort of ridiculous that we love -- plus Kevin Pollak's great Peter Falk impersonation holds the entire thing together and, surprisingly, even gives it a sort of heart. Though in the world of Sharklumbo, that heart's probably soon to be eaten by a shark.

Source: Funny or Die via io9


This isn't funny. I think they could of done more with this than the stupid "one more thing" and then bite them gag.

Shouldn't that shark have a mustache?

Shouldn't that shark have a mustache?

no, then he'd be inspector clouseau :P

*Walks in, whistling 'This Old Man'*

Pardon me, sir. I hope I'm not interrupting something important. I'm a detective from Homicide. They just put me on this case? said that there was a man with a shark for a head, going around killing people, is that right? ...could you describe him? ...okay, small build, brown coat, funny accent...kind of like...mine. Really, sir? You mean to tell me that there's someone out there doing my routine with a shark for a head? Boy, that just takes the cake... I mean, I've seen some weird cases in my time, sir. I had a senator once trying to fake an assassination plot on himself, a film director who used subliminal cuts to drive a man out of the theater so he could be shot, and all other kinds. This one...might be a toughy. Well...I'll leave you alone for now, sir. Sorry to bother you.

I don't think I'm the target audience. This didn't even get a smirk out of me, didn't find it funny.

Alpha Maeko:
I don't think I'm the target audience. This didn't even get a smirk out of me, didn't find it funny.

I like to think it was part of the plan. I mean, this *is* presented as a would-be Asylum production. Considering that house's output, I'm not entirely surprised. It's got all the outrageously bad acting of your typical Asylum flick.

It went on for a bit too long, but the Columbo mannerisms were nicely parodied, especially his references to his never-seen wife. Unlike some of the other posters here, I enjoyed this.

I liked it. Course I like anything that pokes fun at the stupid "ironic movie" trend.

Enjoyed it for what it was... Sharklumbo... wouldn't work as a feature but this was funny, quite possibly because I grew up on Columbo and they caught the spirit of the character (minus the biting tendencies).

I loved it! I would actually probably pay to see this in theaters if it did a limited release.


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