Star Wars Stormtrooper Legion Does the Ice Bucket Challenge

Star Wars Stormtrooper Legion Does the Ice Bucket Challenge

The 501st Stormtrooper Legion has released a video documenting its response to J.J. Abrams Ice Bucket Challenge.

The new hotness (or coldness; nyuck, nyuck) as of late has been the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Combining charity with people's innate desire to post videos of themselves doing uncomfortable things on the internet, it's inspired countless people to dump buckets of ice water on their heads all in the name of raising money and awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (aka: Lou Gehrig's Disease). It's a movement that's crossed boundaries of class, race and wealth, drawing in participants celebrity, everyday and even from a galaxy far, far away.

Stepping up to a challenge from Star Wars: Episode VII director J.J. Abrams, the world famous cosplay group the 501st Stormtrooper Legion recently donned their gear for an en mass bucket challenge that saw countless troopers dousing themselves in a downpour of ice cold charity. Some even went so far as to fill their helmets with water, turning their (generally useless) protective gear into a cold delivery device as accurate as a Rebel blaster.

This, of course, wouldn't be the first time the 501st rose to the occasion when presented with a chance to help someone. The Legion famously gave young Katie Goldman a custom set of Stormtrooper armor after she was bullied by other children at her school for being a female fan of Star Wars. The 501st is also well known for making charity appearances and assisting in fundraising for a variety of causes. The Ice Bucket challenge itself meanwhile, has helped to raised a purported $40 million for ALS research. In other words, the Force is strong with it.

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So, when will the Escapist be getting in on this?

Well, they need to be tagged by someone to do it... was funny watching the Warframe Corpus video DE put together when the Corpus got challenged... hoping that the ones they tagged (ghost, claptrap and mastercheif) do similar vids.

On topic... well, what can we say, we knew these guys were awesome,. so very nice to see further proof of it.

Wow this guy is serious... he used Vimeo.

So what? I guess there wasn't enough life on these ice cubes to fill a space cruiser...

Still it's for charity, so yippee.

Eh, Achievement Hunter did it best. For starters, they actually explained what the whole deal was. For two, just watch:

Dem nips

Still, I suppose that was still all nice and fun.


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