Valve Sued by Australia's Consumer Watchdog Over Refund Policy

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The thing is, they break this policy all the time. I've gotten refunds when the store page had false information.




WOw, so you're saying Under UK Law I could say purchase, a Book, comic, DVD, or a magazine and as long as I can plow through it in under 7 days I can get a refund? Damn! I could have free Books, DVDs and COmics for life!

Yes, you could. However reality shows that people abusing the law like that are very few. Of course, it allows some bad apples like your example, however this is the price i find acceptable to have decent consumer protection laws.

you know where you could also have free books, dvds and comics for life? piracy. but your not doing that now are you (or at least you wont admit due to rules of conduit here). Just because you can game the system does not mean that people will do it en mass.

Mmm-Hmmm... you need to take a closer study of human behaviour. See most countries with sensible laws don't allow a good to be refunded after the value of the good has been extracted. It'd be like asking for your money back at Wendy's after you've eaten your entire meal. Though i wonder if this inherently means a cash refund or a replacement...since really I can't imagine what sort of idiocy would allow someone to return a book and get their money back after they've already read it. That's a legal loophole big enough to fit Kim Jong Sun's crazy through.

Just because a law benefits a group you belong to doesn't make it a sensible or even good law.

I don't know about most countries. In my country you can get a refund for clothes in like up to 2 weeks if you don't destroy it completely and keep proof of purchase.

Electronics can be refunded for months if you don't like them as long as it Isn't say, a huge discounted sale.

Games have a months refund aswell, four times that of the U.K.

Yet, somehow people still sell Electronics/Games/Clothes here, and get very big profits in doing so.

It's like countries with a Welfare/Healthcare system, they trust people not to abuse it. And in the vast majority of cases they don't! It's amazing, it's almost as if most of humanity aren't terrible living creatures.

I once got refunds for various games that's had false advertisement in the past over steam. Rome Total War 2, Aliens Colonial Marines- some others come to mind like, Spore.

The newest Sim City when it wasn't even playable in the first few days here. Man, EA does it a lot truth be told, but at least they offer refunds. So it's alright in this case.

Well, Steam has the review system, so people can easily see if someone else liked the game, what weaknesses and strengths it has, etc., so I personally never needed a refund. I can see how some people might want one though.

Interesting thread, and I hope that the ACCC wins this one. One common issue though is where retailers sell pre-owned redeemable products, such as CD Keys, etc. Because they are pre-owned, they cannot be redeemed again and so the subsequent purchaser has essentially wasted his or her money. Some stores will actually refuse to issue refunds, despite having a legal obligation to do so.

I think my blog bears some relevance to this thread:

Don't worry, it isn't particularly long and there's a nice summary for you all to read.


•Terry Holt is a manager at an electronics store called JB-Hi-Fi, in Oxley, which is a suburb in Brisbane, Queensland
•One of my family members ordered a computer game on the JB-Hi-Fi website ( called Portal 2
•The computer game box contained the CD and a cardboard slip with a verification code required to install the game.
•The verification code was invalid because it had already been used, so the game could not be installed.
•Terry Holt refused to issue a refund even though a refund was supposed to be provided pursuant to store policy and the Australian Consumer Law (ACL)
•He suggested that me and my family member were engaging in refund fraud, despite being shown the receipt for the purchase
•He demanded communication transcripts with the developer and manufacturer as a condition to being issued a refund
•Eventually the Regional Merchandise Manager (RMM) apologised for Terry Holt's misconduct and gave a working verification code which allowed the game to be installed

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