Nintendo Employee Reveals Gone Home Coming to Wii U Soon

Nintendo Employee Reveals Gone Home Coming to Wii U Soon

gone home

Gone Home released last year on PC, Mac, and Linux as a well-acclaimed narrative game.

While speaking at Unity conference Unite 2014, Nintendo of America's Damon Baker spoke on publishing games on Nintendo's Wii U eShop. Baker talked about multiple titles coming to Wii U and confirmed that Fullbright's Gone Home will launch on the Wii U "in the near future."

Gone Home launched on PC last year. The first-person exploration game takes place inside a house the main character comes home to after being away in Europe. The house is mysteriously empty, and you wonder through the house finding notes left behind by your family and learn about what your younger sister has been up to while you've been away.

Back in March, Fullbright announced Gone Home would make its way onto consoles through a partnership with publisher Midnight City. Since then, Fullbright hasn't said which consoles Gone Home would release on or when it would come out.

Baker also made mention of The Swapper as a title that would be out on the Wii U eShop soon. Other games included in the presentation are Cubemen 2 (September 4), Paper Monsters Recut, Nihilumbra, The Fall (available now), and Teslagrad.

"We're really excited about the level of Unity support that we're receiving on the platformer," Baker said in his presentation. His confirmation for Gone Home on Wii U takes place around the 6:50 mark.

For now, Gone Home is only confirmed for Wii U, but it may release on other consoles as well.

Unity (YouTube) via IGN


Good. Gone Home is awesome. More people should play it and the developers should get all the success they can.

Well, this sucks. WiiU is truly unlucky to have this piece of crap "game" ported to it first. It'll only serve as another reason to make fun of Nintendo's console.

Unless it's priced at around $2, this is only bad news.

I thought gone home was a good premise but didn't seem to enjoy it as much as everyone thinks I should have. My main problem was the ham handed soap opera writing. I thought the way the story was told was pretty awesome. Either way I am happy this is coming to Wii-U All the Indy stuff being released on the PS Vita is slowly convincing me to pick one up.

I never expected a game like this to make it to a mainstream console release. This is impressive, and awesome.

After that Tomadochi Life gay-block thing... do they know this game is about two lesbian teens?

God, how the hell can you use the word "Game" in the same article as Gone Home.

it's a shitty interactive story. that's it. it is not worth porting over to an N-Gage even.

Quit acting like hipsters saying it's deep and meaningful.

Oh look. Now we can enjoy the "WiiU is not a REEEEEEEAL console" crowd and the "not a REEEEEEEEAL game" crowd coming together to whine and about things.

In all seriousness, good for the developers. It's not my thing, but it is for some other people.

Smart move, because this game would actually work great with the Wii U's controller/gamepad/tablet/whatevertheywantmetocallit. Hopefully, this is a sign that more indie titles will make it to the Wii U and other Nintendo platforms in the future, because, IMO, there are just so many indie games that would work so much better on the Wii U and 3DS than on the Xbox or Playstation, and it will really do well to drive up Nintendo's console sales.

Now Nintendo, get The Binding of Isaac and FTL, and I'll probably get a Wii U early.

Ah! Finally! Now when people constantly gripe about "No games being on the Wii U" I can point here and say... "Hyrule Warriros is coming out soon!"

Ah, I kid. I never played the game, and probably never will. Walking simulators like this and Stanley Parable just isn't my style. But hey, full support to all who do like it. Support the WiiU everybody who liked this game! Wii need it!

I'll make sure to get an extra copy of the game whenever I find myself actually acquiring a Wii U.

I personally found that Gone Home told a touching story and enjoyed its investigative gameplay. Unlike what some people would tell you, I don't believe that removing the element of shooting dudes in the head makes a first-person game any less a game.

Well, so much for putting gameplay ahead of cinematic-style games.

Wow, of all the indie games they could have chosen they took THIS title? It's bad reputation alone should have made it a none starter that'll in all likelihood be dead on arrival.

I'm not really surprised about this (so long as it remains download only), but what IS surprising to me is that of all the games they are releasing, this one merits mention. That speaks volumes of the limited library they're adding in the near future. A game which is arguably not even a game with a sub-par story that would never be published for being to bland and generic that is completly reliant on 90s nostalgia just to stay afloat, that's a title they are advertising as being on their library.

As a fan of Nintendo who is planning on getting a WiiU within the next month (for Mario Cart of course) this worries me.

Well by now people know it's not a more sinister story or adventure game like the glowing reviews misled gamers into overpaying for and more like Dear Esther, so people would know what they're getting.

Well, good for them, I won't be buying it, but whatevs.

The indie title I'm really hoping to see released on Wii U is A Hat in Time, 'cause that game looks perfect for Nintendo.

Good to see Nintendo has their finger on the pulse of indie gaming.

Honestly its kind of a strange game for Nintendo to begin their push into indie gaming on. But still. Good on them for starting to accept independent games on their systems.


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