Red Dwarf Star Twitters Once Too Often

Red Dwarf Star Twitters Once Too Often


Twitter may help you speak to a wider audience, but sometimes it can also land you in hot water. Just ask Robert Llewllyn.

As previously reported, TV channel Dave was preparing to show the new series of Red Dwarf on Friday 10 April by broadcasting the first installment of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, followed by the second installment. Also scheduled to air was Red Dwarf: Unplugged which "will deliver the cast of Red Dwarf as they've never been seen before - no sets, no effects... and no cue cards". The weekend would conclude with Red Dwarf: The Making of Back to Earth.

But then Kryten let the Cat out of the bag on his Twitter:

bobbyllew (Robert Llewellyn: Kryten):

@cookie95: Unplugged ep has been cancelled. Sorry. For more info go to

And then, next day:

bobbyllew (Robert Llewellyn: Kryten):

Found out today that I wasn't meant to say anything about the unplugged episode being cancelled. Got a big mouth get me in trouble.

So is Unplugged unplugged? No-one knows for sure, but Dave(the channel) still says it's on and the linked blog says "We are shooting 4 new episodes of Red Dwarf this February and March.", although these are thought to be three episodes of Back to Earth plus the Making of.

While this may be a smeg-up by "Captain Bog-bot", there is news of a new 'star' in the form of actress Sophie Winkleman.
(Who is also 32nd in line to the Throne. Seriously.) Could this be a new, new Kochanski?

Source: The Register

Edit: I've just been slapped for not knowing my royalty. Her husband is 32nd in line, she doesn't have a distinct claim.


I'm pretty certain that by actively rambling into my Twitter account I destroy any chances of having a job. Seriously, it doesn't take much digging to find out I'm insane. But once you get hooked...

aww, poor krytie...

i sure hope the unplugged episode isnt canceled, i was really looking forward to all these episodes...

at least if it is canceled the other will still be there, still looking forward to this :)

32nd in line to the throne eh?

Interesting, I could rule the country, desecrate the perfect and white-bread modern royal family image from the inside by have a bastard child of mixed parentage who will rule in my wake, and have James Blunt killed.

It's been my life's dream you know. But first I have to marry Sophie Winkleman, and kill 31 Royal family members...

And on topic, this just gives me more time to watch every episode of red dwarf before that comes on, but if he wasn't meant to say it was cancelled then perhaps it really isn't, they may have just run into some problems.

Well I suppose these things do have a deal of turbulence in their creation. Not that I'm holding out much hope, the last few series were lame. Still, we can hope and wait.


But anyway, this Red Dwarf unplugged thing sounds like a terrible idea, I'll be happy if we can just have some new episodes, I just found my Red Dwarf series 1-4 box set and I have to say series 2 of Red Dwarf is the greatest series of any TV show ever.


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