Hitman's Ninth Elusive Target is the Most Elusive Yet

Hitman's Ninth Elusive Target is the Most Elusive Yet

elusive target 9

The ninth Elusive Target mission for Hitman will take you...somewhere...to take out...someone...

What we know about Hitman's ninth Elusive Target is that it is a human being with at least one foot, and players will have 72 hours to take them out. The mission goes live on August 26 at 5am PT. What we don't know: Everything else. No image, location, or name is provided, making this Target the most Elusive to date. And I thought "The Twin" was rough!

While briefing videos for Elusive Targets are always pretty important, it seems like this time around, that will be even more true. As is customary with these missions, if the player fails to successfully eliminate the target, the target will disappear forever.


Your target: The Most Interesting Man In The World


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