Stalin Vs Martians!

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Stalin Vs Martians!

A trailer has been released for what might be the weirdest game of the year.

What can you say about a game that features a 200' tall Stalin fighting Technicolor Martians?

The game will be the first release of Mezmer Studios, an offshoot of Paradox Interactive, publisher of PC strategy titles such as Galactic Civilizations and Europa Universalis, specifically set up to publish indie games. The game is being developed by Russian developer Dreamlore Games.

Will it be any good? It's crazy enough that it almost doesn't matter. Either way, we get to enjoy a dancing Stalin. You can read an interview with the developers, conducted by our very own Malygris, here

You thought I was making stuff up, didn't you?

Source: Offworld


There was a topic in the forums about this not long ago. I seriously can't wait for this. It's like... heaven, to me.

Strategy + Lack of seriousness = Not just gold, but gold coated platinum. Coated in platinum. Coated in gold. You know the rest.

I cannot wait for this game.

The only question that video beings to mind is: Great game, or greatest game?

My money's on #2, personally.

I think the fact that they've distanced themselves from most other RTS's of hwich most have 'serious' settings I think they could create a fun and fast paced game. Actually kinda looking forward to it :)

Mhh looks like a fairly standard rts game from the video. I obviously hoped that I'd be wierder.
The dancing Stalin bit is already a nice feat, reminiscent of worms in spacesuits and other crazy old ideas. Doesn't come close to Noby Noby Boy in terms of wierdness

I think part of me just died.

Pffft.. games are sooo predictable nowadays

This is obviously GOTY

Well this seems refreshingly weird, hopefully they will ramp up the weirdness even more!

Any game that has this in their trailer is awesome from the start!

that's..... really...... wow....

12/10 on originality lol

I imagined Crytek making a game about Hitler while watching this.

Also, loved the three-eyed aliens ripped off directly from toy story :P want that so badly

I have to say, this is blatantly ripping off 'Trotsky and the Moon Invaders!'

Just in case anyone gets concerned, no, that is not a real game. But hot damn, I wish it was.

If this isn't a DDR/RTS Hybrid I will be immensely disappointed.

... Although it is still epic anyway.

This game has already won with the title alone.

Seriously...I want this game! =P

That's pretty fucked up.
Part of me wants to roll on the floor, laughing, while another part of me is appalled at the belittlement of a cruel dictator. That's like having a "Theme Park"-game with guys in "cute" Hitler costumes entertaining the kids.
Also, there is a third part of me which thinks this game won't be as ground-breakingly weird as this trailer makes it out to be. Looks pretty standard RTS, except for the look of the Alien unit models.
Now I'll go back to Sacrifice and enjoy some other weird shit.

Most awesome thing ever. except Trotsky and the Moon Invaders of course.


Man, I gotta lay off this LSD. For a minute there I thought I was watching a dancing Stalin fending off alien invaders.

The title is just win. I hope it doesn't end there.

*Watches Trailer*

*Rubs Eyes*

No, I'm pretty sure that didn't just happen. Time for bed.

The video is awesome,Dance-dance-Communist Revolution(I googled it,first result is also very nice)as for the game,looked RTSy(duh)but in fairness its fairly hard to make a unique RTS(any knows on unique RTSs,feel free to send me a message on it,I need something to pull me out of this bored out of my mind depression of gaming I am in at the moment).

Finally, a game that doesn't care about realism and isn't about space marines.

Hearts of Iron II was epic...
no doubt this will be better.


Oh, it's an RTS.


I'm buying it.
Looks like the most fun in a game since Nintendo stopped making decent games.

Eep. How does dancing Stalin know where I live?



Quite a niche game. Only really aimed at a few I would think.

Holy shit!

Poor Martians...


A trailer has been released for what might be the weirdest game of the year.

Pfft. It pales in comparrison to Noby Noby Boys weirdness. I mean, it even has objectives and clear goals. Sellout.

I hope this is a joke.

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