GamePro Launches Publishing Arm

GamePro Launches Publishing Arm


GamePro Magazine has expanded into the business of publishing games with GamePro Labs, a service that will handle sales and marketing for independent games.

While its once arch-rival EGM is no more, GamePro Magazine's still standing strong. And it's doing well enough, apparently, to expand business from the simple of writing and talking about games to publishing them. GamePro Labs will handle the sales and marketing for independent titles on multiple platforms, beginning with XNA-developed titles and iPhone applications and eventually branching out to other platforms.

"GamePro Labs is a new service that can help you make the most out of these new platforms," the publisher's site declares. "By letting us handle all of the sales and marketing for your products, you get more time to code. And that can mean more game titles and bigger paychecks."

Games under the GamePro Labs wing will get regular promotion in the pages of the magazine and special community promotion tools on the GamePro site. GamePro will also handle all the wrangling with Apple and Microsoft when it comes to distributing games. That sounds like a plenty good deal for developers, but I'm sure GamePro'll be taking a healthy slice of the earnings before it doles out "a monthly check from GamePro for all units sold."

GamePro Labs will be "fueled by grassroots independent game developers" and already has three clients on board, with reveals and more announcements to come at GDC, according to Executive Director George Jones.

[Via GameDaily]


wonder what they will make...

I'm moderately certain it will suck, whatever it is.

i cannot stand Gamepro, they were one of the most bias magazines back in the day. i remember an entire issue had nothing but PS2 reviews and articles, no information that involved Nintendo. still i can almost guarantee that they will develop games for the PS3


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