Castle Crashers Dev Unveil New Game

Castle Crashers Dev Unveil New Game


Due in 2010, the next game from Castle Crashers dev The Behemoth looks to be some kind of 2D co-op platformer starring a variety of characters, including a pink monkey with angel wings and, uh, Fidel Castro?

Last week The Behemoth teased their newest game by revealing an image of a merchant being shown a gem, which led me to speculate (wishful thinking) that maybe it was Castle Crashers 2. Well, the studio has just released the first trailer, and it's definitely not Castle Crashers 2. Actually, I'm not really sure what it is, but it certainly looks like more of the same clever 2D side-scrolling action with so-cute-it's-cool visuals.

From the looks of it, the presently untitled game will be a multiplayer-oriented platformer with some kind of time attack element. Levels look more like block-based labyrinths than your typical point-A-to-point-B stage with obstacles here and there, and are packed to the brim with ghoulish looking enemies, while a big old timer counts away at the top of the screen. There's a lot going in every second of the trailer: a pink monkey and a dinosaur leaping across an exploding platform, some teddy bear-looking thing using a soccer ball to fight a character with a pyramid head. And yes, the dude from the teaser image shows up, and seems to be really, really upset when he's shown a giant green gem.

Co-op seems to be a strong element of the game - at one point in the trailer, two characters are trying to get through a series of high platforms. One character, a pink block-headed thing wearing an ushanka and looking a lot like Fidel Castro, double jumps off his partner's head to get up above and then tosses a hand out to help his buddy climb up.

Behemoth artist Dan Paladin has previously remarked that the game is like "two games in one," but at this point it's hard to tell what those two might be. The studio says that the game's "in a very super early development stage right now," and have only announced that it'll be out next year, for who knows what platforms. Check out the trailer for yourself and see if you can figure it out any better than I can.


The website for the trailer says that the console hasn't been determined. I at least hope that it will be released on the PS3, or PC at best. I have no doubt that it will probably be released on the 360 to.

PSN, Live Arcade and Steam release, this game looks like crazy fun.

I hope this game comes out for the wii or 360, I also wouldn't mind it being a steam release since I finally got steam. I also hope castle crashers 2 comes out, I love that game.

looks great, hope we get a month for realease though


Long live Behemoth! Long live 2D!

EDIT: Wow, that dude really doesn't like green gems...


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