Will Ryzen 5 2600 ever be in a laptop

Will Ryzen 5 2600 ever be in a Win 10 laptop?

If not, why not.

If so, any idea when? Are any out anywhere? I can't find them and the chip has been out for a while.

I think it would have the portability of the Switch with the power of a PC. Maybe that's why were not seeing one. Your thoughts?

the Ryzen 2600? i don't know.
I belief there were some laptops with a Ryzen 1000 series CPU, given that the 2000 series is socket compatible. (if bios is updated)
Sure why not, heck maybe you can even upgrade your old Ryzen 1600 laptop (not that i ever heard about someone doing that though)

however, there are already a lot if laptops on the marked with a Ryzen 2000 series APU.
Like the Ryzen 2500U APU, withs has a Radeon RX Vega GPU baked on to it.

This makes far more sense because no extra/external graphics chip is required.
Unlike with for example the Ryzen 2600, withs does require an seperate graphics chip/card.

More likely you'll see Ryzen APUs in laptops, maybe something like the Ryzen 5 2400G, which when configured properly can give you decent Ryzen 5 performance with the graphics performance close to something like a 2GB RX 560. The real portable powerhouses are what's inside the Intel Hades Canyon NUCs; mobile 8th gen i7 performance with a Vega chip that can go toe to toe with a GTX 1050Ti. Double we'll ever see that in a laptop though.


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