a little help please


I am seeing about moving over to using two monitors. the thing is that i am currently using a tv as my current monitor. I really just plugged in the hdmi cable and it worked so i stuck with it.

Is it possible to duel monitor with this set up and how do i do it or do i need to move to actual monitors?

I am willing to give more info if needed and thank you for your help.

It depends on what your using as hardware, but if your given plugs for a real monitor & HDMI then it should be possible.

Plug in a monitor and you'll get two monitors shown on the screen resolution page, along with the option to either extend to the second monitor or duplicate what is shown on the first monitor on the second.

Totally possible, an older rig of mine had a DVI port and a HDMI port, I ran the DVI to the monitor and the HDMI to an old plasm and it worked without a hitch.... but as per above depends on your hardware

Hi guys. I'm new to this but I need Help. I spilled water on my MSI laptop 20 minutes ago. I wiped it off completely and it was little water. I warped it in a towel and it dried completely. It still works with no strange noises or anything like that, in fact it didn't even react to the water at all. Is it damaged?


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