Distortion from my computer speakers.

So here's the long story.

And real quick, this has happened across two sets. They were both basically the same setup, two speakers, one on each side of the monitor. First pair were Altec Lansing A215
and my current pair are Altec Lansing BXR1220
Huh, maybe it's a brand problem.


My computer speakers, when I first turn on my computer speakers for the day or leave my PC alone for long enough, distort, specifically the left one makes a something of a crackling noise and lowers the overall volume across both speakers.
Occasionally, maybe, they start working after you play some noise through them, a video, music, whatever, there's a somewhat loud "thump" or "boom" or "click", some noise in the speakers then they start working properly. This occurred with my old pair now it's in the new ones

This occurred so much with my old pair so I replaced them, when the problem persisted, I started looking for some solutions but nearly all of what I found regarded mechanical errors and I think this is digital, I could be wrong though, of course.
Something that used to work was opening my Device Manager, uninstalling the audio drivers, and restarting the computer to reinstall the drivers, it would work after that.
For specificity, I was uninstalling "AMD High Definition Audio Device" and "Realtek High Definition Audio" although I used to only uninstall the second one and started uninstalling both as the problem got more persistent.

Now that doesn't really work anymore.
There's a "click" in the speakers when the computer boots up but the problem isn't solved, so now I just hope that they kick themselves into shape somewhere along the way like the used to.

If the system volume itself is down, about halfway or lower, the crackling doesn't occur, but at full 100, that's when it occurs, not sure exactly where the line is. The issue has not occurred in my monitor speakers or my USB wireless headset, not sure if that was important information but I thought I'd include it anyway, it only occurs in my auxiliary speakers.

Alright, I've explained the problem as specifically as I can but if there are any questions, I'll be happy to answer. The speakers are plugged into a standard 3.5mm jack, my motherboard (MSI 970 GAMING with AMD 970/SB950 ATX Motherboard - Socket AM3+
has an integrated sound card.

I'll give my other specs if I need to but I don't know if I really do right now, forgive me if that's stupid, not exactly a PC savant here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

The odds of both pairs of speakers being faulty are quite unlikely, couple with the fact that neither your USB headset which gets its audio from the USB header and your monitor speakers which I assume get the audio from your GPU over HDMI have the same issue, then it's fairly safe to say your on board sound card is having issues. To confirm your speakers aren't the issue, try them on another PC around the house to see if the problem persists and also make sure your mobo audio driver is fully up to date. If you can't fix it you may have to either RMA the board or invest in a cheap sound card if it's out of warranty.

Start by isolating the power. Instead of plugging the USB power into the PC try plugging them into a separate power source using a USB power adapter from a phone or something.

If the problem persists, try vacuuming out the analog audio port on your PC.


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