Building a Vintage Pentium III Dual Slot 1 Computer

Hello there, I am currently in the process of building myself a vintage PC for retro gaming and 3D modeling/animation running a dual boot of W98/XP but there are a few things I want to clear up.

All 1GHZ models I can find use passively cooled copper heatsinks, how much airflow do they need in order to stay cool?! Especially when running at 100% for likely hours at a time.

Each motherboard I look at requires that some half-dozen breakers be setup according to the frequencies of the chips. WTF is that shit?! Anyhoo, easy enough to understand but the problem is that each model only goes up 600MHZ even though the boards support the highest frequencies (1-1.4GHZ) with a BIOS update. How does one go about configuring it in such a way as each model only shows how to configure the pins up to 600MHZ in their respective manuals online?

How do you safely update the bios on older motherboards, can you even do that?

Do old ATX boards use the same screw placement as modern motherboard plates in your standard ATX case or will I need to find something just as old as the boards?

Do modern PSUs have all of the necessary connectors for older motherboards or will I need adapters?

There are some youtubers who show how to build retro PCs but I often find that they leave out certain steps, taking them for granted, that I need to fill in watching another, equally full of missed steps which force me to stitch all of this information together. If you know of any fully comprehensive for dummies videos then by all means share.

I am currently going through the manual and googling for the answers but I am getting conflicting information so I am just double checking everything here. If there is anything you can think of that a person who has never handled PC components pre-2007 could screw up or overlook then let me know.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I am looking at the ASUS P2B-DS rev1.04

P.P.S. I do not know what it is but my brain somehow removes whole words or sentences from paragraphs which makes me extra nervous with reading the manual of and potentially damaging irreplaceable hardware which is why I am asking such inane questions.


Give the fans as much open space as you can; computers from that era ran pretty hot and you can never have enough breathing room.


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