Best time to buy a skylake bundle

Hi guys.

Now that the kaby lake has come out, is it worth waiting a while to see if the skylake comes down in price?

I'm currently rocking an i7 950 from about 6 years back. It still holds up in most games, but i found my rig dropping frames while playing biohazard 7. Now it was no biggie, i just had to drop some of the graphic quality, but it has got me thinking about upgrading my rig.

I was thinking about buying a skylake bundle, and adding it to my current rig. I have a gtx 780, but i will be looking to get an asus turbo 1070 at some point.

with the 2080 coming out, and the 7700k, surely a wait could save me a couple of hundred euros...right?

It's always worth waiting for the price to drop, and evidently it seems to have been affected already. The 1070o will make the biggest difference in any case, a lot more than an i7 950. A jump to a 7700k would get you 5-10 fps at the most, but that's just from the benchmarks I've seen.

I'm pretty much in the same boat, but I jumped the gun and got the 1060 first, and still with a 6 year old i5. I doubt the Skylakes will drop much more than they have already, because the Kaby lake is more of a revision than a whole new architecture. So you might as well take the dive now, gonna new new motherboard and RAM anyway.

You'll save a bit of money having waited this long, but a couple hundred euros.....naaah maybe not that much.

I've already seen the 7700k go on sale for $310.
Jump on it when you see it go for around that price.

The next node shrink is a long way off...

But, seriously, the video card is a much better investment.


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