Bluetooth Headphones Stuttering/Skipping on Android

I recently purchased a pair of Canbor bluetooth headphones. I know they're a cheap Chinese brand but they had good reviews and my friend swore by them and hasn't experienced any stuttering with her iPhone, and I exchanged the pair which led me to conclude it's likely the phone.

However, they skip very frequently with my Moto Z Turbo android phone. The distance between them is less than 2 feet, and it seems to happen randomly. For music it skips now and again, but sometimes on youtube there's a skip every other word.

I was told it was because I was picking up weak wifi signals but it still happens when wifi is off, and I turned off bluetooth location settings and it's still doing it. I did a cache clean, no luck. I disconnected and reconnected, still happens. Anybody know a solution?

You might want to check again the reviews on those particular pair of bluetooth headphones. I read on some of those reviews online that this is a known issue. Perhaps it is a compatibility problem since it is a chinese brand.

Don't use any headphones if you not sure about its quality. Especially for Android, easy to make it not run anymore.

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