Bluetooth Headphones Stuttering/Skipping on Android

I recently purchased a pair of Canbor bluetooth headphones. I know they're a cheap Chinese brand but they had good reviews and my friend swore by them and hasn't experienced any stuttering with her iPhone, and I exchanged the pair which led me to conclude it's likely the phone.

However, they skip very frequently with my Moto Z Turbo android phone. The distance between them is less than 2 feet, and it seems to happen randomly. For music it skips now and again, but sometimes on youtube there's a skip every other word.

I was told it was because I was picking up weak wifi signals but it still happens when wifi is off, and I turned off bluetooth location settings and it's still doing it. I did a cache clean, no luck. I disconnected and reconnected, still happens. Anybody know a solution?

You might want to check again the reviews on those particular pair of bluetooth headphones. I read on some of those reviews online that this is a known issue. Perhaps it is a compatibility problem since it is a chinese brand.

Don't use any headphones if you not sure about its quality. Especially for Android, easy to make it not run anymore.

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How it is can work with mobile recorder on Android?

I think that Bluetooth itself is just flaky. I've got a nice pair of Sony bluetooth headphones, and they drop out every 20 minutes or so on my Macbook (sometimes more, sometimes less). The annoying thing is, I have to close out and reopen itunes for it to work again, because reasons.

I have a beat up pair of Sony MDRs I'm running on a Samsung Note Edge that's about three years old and I noticed two Android updates ago that the Bluetooth went to shit. If I have my phone in my pocket and I am in a crowd (which is all the time in Asia) it crackles a lot. Which is a shame because the sound is brilliant even though they aren't noise canceling. And they work brilliantly in my apartment. I can be in my kitchen and my phone can be on my bed like fifteen feet away and they work like a charm. Before the update I don't think I noticed a thing.

The stupid thing is, they have a built-in microphone and would be brilliant for gaming but they won't connect wirelessly to my PS4 even though they are high end and Sonys. Figure that one out.

Usually I just keep my phone in my hand and it's fine. If I'm out and about on my own I'm probably dicking around on the Internet or something anyway.

I'll go with Sony MDRs too!


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