LAN, slower than wifi

Since November 2016, my connection dropped down tremendously from a solid 3MBps to 100KBps. With some luck it went up to 500KBps. Didn't matter if it was on Steam, Origin, iTunes. The download was painfully slow. Playing games was even worse since my ping, with some games, is over 5000.

The modem is located at my landlord place since me and my wife live in a granny flat below. My wife uses an Apple computer and is connected to it over WIFI, while my landlord uses a laptop (win 10) using WIFI as well. While my Desktop computer (win 7) is connected to the modem directly through the electrical wire system. Generally we never had any issues with the speed until November last year. Even when everyone was busy using the net, i still could download and play games smoothly.
Since the provider is anyway a bit shady to deal with, me and the landlord spend hours talking to them. Had even technicians send over and none of them could find out why the speed is so slow, since everything else is in perfect working order and could not see anything else wrong.

Few days ago my landlord worked out that our provider turned off the speed booster in November. Because originally my landlord did not require the boost in the first place but simply did not bother to contact the provider since they are really hard to talk to. But, it is still weird why the speed would be that slow. Since the contract clearly states that we should be getting 25Mbps without the boost.
Anyway, no my landlord was able to fix the issue by reinstating the boost at no extra cost due the massive issues we had. So now the speed my landlord has, is over 50Mbps and my wife even gets over 70Mbps and she is like 7m away from the modem.
Of course I was happy to see that I will have a faster speed again. Well, it is a bit faster, but nothing over 1MBps. Just tested a download and it was below 800KBps. Speed test shows me around the 7Mbps. But upload is nearly 10Mbps.

I am absolute baffled as to why my Desktop computer, that is connected directly to the modem through electrical wire system, is slower than WIFI. I did not relocate the adapters, nor has my landlord. Everything is as it was since February 2016.

Hope for an answer that can solve the issue.

Tried a download again from steam. Over 300KBps. The boost did practically nothing.

So you're using Ethernet over Power? I can only recommend testing different wires between your desktop/router and the adapters and making sure they're plugged firmly into a wall socket. If you can move your desktop to the router and plug it in directly that would confirm that the issue is between the power adapters. If you're close enough to the WiFi hotspot you might consider getting WiFi for your's pretty reliable nowadays if you've got half decent hardware.

You might want to try something like LAN Speed Test which will give you a better idea of your local network performance rather than the internet download speed which may be affected by other factors.


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