headset for hearing challenged

I was left deaf in my right ear after a surgery some years ago and i'm in the market for a decent headset for gaming late at night so i don't wake up the wife. my problem is because of the surgery my right ear is a little sensitive to just hanging a big ear muff on it for a few hours. i don't even need the right side at all but all the one sided ones seem pretty cheap and garbage. barring finding a good one sided headset i'd like to find a comfortable one that hopefully doesn't rest it's weight on the ears as much. i'm pretty hesitant to drop $100 or more on one without knowing how I tolerate it. I understand that's a personal thing but does anyone else have a similar hearing deficiency or sensitive ears and could recommend a good headset? i'd like it to do sound and chat and hopefully be decent quality so i can still make out what people are saying over the game audio. suggestions?


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