software to record music from spotify

Does someone know a software that can record Music from spotify? I would prefer the Software to be legal of course i don't want to get Problems

Whether or not the software is legal doesn't matter, the act of recording music from Spotify itself would be illegal, lol. Just get Spotify Premium: no ads, you can download songs to your device to play without streaming, and you can upload your own personal music into it. It's $10 a month, but it's still cheaper than buying more than 1 album per month, and it's not pirating.

Jeez, just bring a video camera in the cinema why don't cha? Use Audacity to record your stereo mix.

I've heard of a software is legal and that can also legaly record music from spotify but only if you a paying account otherwise the software won't record, because than like @Lilani said would it be illegal. if you're wondering the software is called Tunbite.

thank you @MichaelD. for your help. I know that it would illegal if i don't have paying account.
I will definitely try the Software. From what I can tell the software looks really promising

If you have any music editing software that lets you hook up a mic, like Ableton (I think that's the name?), you can plug your headphone jack into your mic jack (assuming modern computers still have these), and with some faffing can get things to record.

It's not usually the best option because it is time and labour intensive, and the quality may not be up to scratch depending on how you set the levels. Also, as said, it is kind of illegal if you are only streaming. I've used this approach in the past when music I want genuinely isn't available to purchase in my country, on the grounds that I'm not actually depriving anyone of money.


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